Jan 12, 2008

So unlike me. Well..

I'm still going to do it.

You see, I have this thing over gadgets. Handphones, Laptops, Video Cameras, DSLRs, you name it, I just love them! I wonder why? Although what I'll be showing you in a second may "reveal" another side of me. But hey, I'm a girly girl at heart. Doesn't that sound funny? LOL.

The Iriver M-player. *gushes* Isn't it adorable?

It's available in, well, 5 different colors. Nope, I 'm not going to say pink is the hottest.
My personal favorite would be silver and white. :D

It's quite easy to operate it- well, it's like any other mp3 players.

For those who wants something small like the Ipod Shuffle, hey, this is a great alternative. And it has it in such a cute design. heh. It weighs 17 grams, only 1.4 grams more compared to its closest competitor, Ipod Shuffle. Basically, the Mplayer can store up to 1 Gb worth of your favourite songs (about 240 songs, to be exact)- and can playback for 9 hours continuously.

Why is it so darn cute?

It hangs on your bag like an accessory.
So, it's a 2-in1 thing- it brings music to the ears and it decorates your bag!

Or the back of your pocket.
A blue Mplayer will look nice on denim.
and the *coughs* butt *coughs* :p

It will cost you, roughly about $88-89 (about RM 300, I think)
For more: Iriver Mplayer

note: If you ask me (again), just be happy with what you have. There are handphones that can double up as your mp3 players. Just be contented with those or your existing mp3 players. You don't need another mickey-oh-gosh-so-cute! mp3 player coz with RM 300, trust me, you can get better stuff. Like shopping in Bali or something. heh. :D

6 spoken:

Jamie Lioh

Very cuteeeee!!! i want white colour! Is it selling in m'sia?

my evil plan: NO shopping in Bali at all, GET THIS!


It was only available at the Hong Kong Disneyland and currently released in South Korea.




I rather spend the RM300 on myself. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

I'm contented with my phone adee. >_< For the time being. >_<

Më| §zë

Super cute!!!!


this is really CUTE!!!
I just lost my mp3 *cry*


chingy: haha. me too. well. i wouldn't mind it if it's a present from someone :p

Më|§zë: yup. super cute! :p

meisy: *pats on the back* I hope you're feeling better. :) I'm glad you're safe...

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