Jan 15, 2008

There comes a time...

..where 20 year old Japanese girls drape themselves in beautiful handmade furisode (long sleeves) kimonos to celebrate their "coming of age" (Seijin-no-hi) on every 12th of January.

You know how we have our 21st? Yeah. Something like that. We get our key to infinite freedom, but ironically, most of us still "stay" with our family. as in dependent. hmm.. so much for being a full adult huh?

These kimonos cost an arm and a leg- enough to buy a CLK- cute little kancil that is. :(

Guys wear a traditional men kimono too...(yes, it's not just for girls) with hakama pants- usually for graduation, other formal occasions such as coming of age.

Who says you have to look conventional in a traditional do?
This girl adds on a beret and a scarf- not exactly the best fashion sense- but hey, it stands out!

I do know Japanese go all wild in terms of fashion.
One of the biggest trend setters- look at Harajuku fashion.
Amazing market..

Pictures courtesy of Melanie Gray
Thanks lots! :D- Do check out her other blog: My life as a Gaijin

Speaking of which, read this: Woman in car, sunglasses and a kimono
Feminism rules! :x

On the other hand:-

In America, when you are of the legal age at 16, parents would love their "grown up" kids to pack their bags and leave them. Now that's what I call, true freedom, the whole spreading your wings and fly! .... yea. that. What? Those MTV's Sweet16 rich brats? Nop, they're just ermm - I do not know where they come from. let's just say I can relate more to aliens. *snorts*

In Chinese families, it gets really corny. I mean really corny. Where else do you actually get a key for your 21st?

Key. yea. Key to Freedom-whatever.

Some parents tell their kids: "I ain't giving you the key when you're 21. Don't think you're free as a bird!" - Hah! Riigghht... You don't know what your kids are doing outside. You think you can control them by not giving the key, think again.

Well let's see... I'm 20 this year (arghh....), another year to go. Legal age to ridiculous stuffs. One way ticket to 6 feet underground and hell yeah!- booze and ciggies, oh yeah, clubbing too.

And yes, responsibility- Voting! Yes I get to choose who should be our leader. Watch out! :D

What's 21 to you? What's freedom to you? Tell me. Tell me.

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Devil in Disguise

21...is full of shit!! No one celebrated for me... haisssh

Devil in Disguise

21...is full of shit!! No one celebrated for me... haisssh


ahh...i had never had a kimono on me before!! those pictures of kimono are really nice~~
never really think of how is it to own the 'freedom', coz sometimes even the decision making of our own life is not allowed...


devil: you can't blame anybody for your jinx-ed birthday? hehe.

meisy: yeah. sad to say. freedom is just overrated most of the time. We fight for it, but no one is listening.

Më| §zë

Freedom is doing what i want whenever i want within legal limits of course... lol...

Melanie Gray Augustin

Thanks for the link to my blog! An interesting piece about coming of age in different cultures.


mei sze: yeah. that too. but aren't underaged kids these days breaking all the rules- and do what they want to- even if it means by breaking the law?

melanie: thanks to you. :) great pictures. and no problem! it's my pleasure.

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