Oct 31, 2007

Reminiscence of J-B

I still remember the good old days when pop was the "in" thing..
Before you go huh? this post is not about Johor Bahru (J-B), lol.
Where was I? Yes, boybands and pop singers.

Those were the days where we love (or still love!) Westlife, 911, NSync, Britney Spears....
And this post I dedicate it to J-B.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

(A roaring sound of laughter*)

J & B: Yeah man, what a joke!

Yes, it might sound a bit too random. I mean, they* were so YESTERDAY, why? To answer a some "anticipated" questions, well:

1) Was I a fan of J-B?

No. I didn't care about this pairing. I don't even like JT. haha. (I'm serious)

2) Why now?

Call me random if you want. I just felt like doing it. So yeah.. :)

Let's do a bit of recap, some of us might be quite in the dark right now. haha..

Happy times: When they were an "item"

When they reached a crossroad* :p, well Britney did "Crossroads", her debut film, if I'm not mistaken. No prizes for guessing, they broke up after that. 2000 or was it 2001?

What was the reason, well, no one really knew? Speculations were that Britney cheated on him.. bla..bla..bla.. and likewise...

And so Justin wrote this song: Cry me a River (well, he didn't say it was about her, but people kinda guessed it- surprisingly it was kinda the "trend" where people write songs abt each other- "kutuk"-ing obviously) Note: Such childish act!

The song goes like this:

You told me you lov
ed me
Why did you leave me, all alone
Now you tell me you need me
When you call me, on the phone
Girl I refuse, you must have me confused

With some other guy
Your bridges were burned, and now it's your turn
To cry, cry me a river
Cry me a river-er

Cry me a river
Cry me a river-er, yea yea

So yeah, all hell breaks lose. Basically, the war begun.


Ms "Crazy'-proving-to-my-ex-I-can-stand-w/o-him!

Suffice to say that both had their rough patches after that.
Although, things became great for Justin.

Part of it was the song: Cry me a river (I mean speaking about channeling your anger towards your work, and great publicity, why not?)

And so, Justin became Mr Sexy Back.

but unfortunately for Britney...

Let's just say.. she's gone through a lot..(no, you may not start bashing her!)

Despite all childish getting back at each other, Justin surprisingly defended her during the case of Britney's children. Here's the video.

What do you think? I think it was sweet, after all that bashing (Justin.. Justin...)

I mean Stinky and Pinky were so sweet together...

And Justin could do better than a "cradle-snatcher"
Or Jessica Biel.. (blek)

Remember us this way...

It started as a childhood friendship/romance and fame broke it apart. They could've make it through... But I guess they failed. You could never turn back time. But well, just remember the moments that they've shared.

Like them, we might have our own regrets and something we might have let go in the past, but remember the "moment" and cherish it.

To Justin and Britney.
and to you.

Remember me this way

Not so sappy version- Umbrella ( I cater to all needs- haha)

Oct 27, 2007

If it wasn't this, it would be something else.

Again, I'm on my blogging mode: except that I should be posting something else rather than this. But that needs more time to plan, so yeah. :p

I was in my contemplative mode again. Well, I'm not sure whether it is or not, but when I'm alone, I guess thoughts just flow in. Today, spending the whole day at home, doing my weekly laundry (oops.. I skipped a week. but that's not the point), spending time alone, making my own breakfast and on my computer.

19 years of life, I have been meeting new people every single day. Passerby, strangers, acquaintance, friends, family, I've come to sort-of learn their characteristics, and personality, well by comparing them with what I am today, the product of my parents' upbringing, plus some issues of my own (I might add).

I was flipping through some random magazine, and there were pictures of beautiful models (regardless whether these girls had freaking thick makeup on or not, they looked beautiful on it)
I looked back at myself (literally, of course) I was certain that I'm not anywhere near them.

A few questions came to my mind. I was asking myself:

What is like to be like them?
What if I was like that?
Would it be different?
If I were a spoiled brat?
If I were Miss Perfect?
If everything is given to me on a silver platter?
Should I be happy with the way I am?
Or could be the opposite?

All our life, we have been conditioned to take a judgment. "Ewww.. That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen", "Did you noticed what she was wearing? O-M-G!", or "She's such a B****!" etc...
Tell me now, how many of us actually gone through a day without having judgment on others/things?

People are just the way they are. I've come to learn :

1) to never try to be God and change people
2) to not ignore/avoid people/issues that is against your principles
3) to not be kicking myself because I'm not perfect.

Believe me, it wasn't easy at all... (esp no.3) Imagine we can all go into depression just by our low self esteem, or by just putting burden on ourselves, blaming yourself because things didn't turn out right... Just look at the newspaper headlines (you can already be a lil depressed), imagine what your thoughts can do to you.

What if??

What if I was Paris? Heiress... A social elite... Living in nothing but riches.. Jailed at least once... Or being famous for my sex videotape?

What if I was her? Hot bod, long legs, internationally recognized supermodel...

Or her? Having an opportunity to stay in a foreign country, to train to be a singer. Leaving behind the normal way of growing up, without friends my age? Sacrificing my childhood for my dreams and passion?

Or be as pretty as her? Loved by many... and likewise. Being able to be someone else, although for a short period of time?

A chance to attend grand launchings, and loved by paparazzis? My name on headlines, appearing in magazines, newspapers, internet... ?

From the top: Paris Hilton, Gisele Bundchen, BoA, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Yeon Hee.

Her face is a map of
the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
This is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)
Why the hell it means so much to me

I feel like walking the world
Like walking the world
You can hear she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
She fills up every corner like she's born in black and white
Makes you feel warmer when you're trying to remember
What you heard
She likes to leave you hanging on her word

And she's taller than most
And she's looking at me
I can see her eyes looking from a page in a magazine
Oh she makes me feel like I could be a tower
A big strong tower
She got the power to be
The power to give
The power to see

-KT Tunstall-

Side note: Credit pictures to Yahoo. :) Don't get me wrong, I actually admire all the celebrities that I posted in this entry.

Just for laughs.

Only in Africa. Seriously creative!

How to make hot water?

The new Portable "Ipod" - Imagine kids telling their mum: I WANT ONE!

New model from Toyota-->
Presenting you Toyota Cowrolla~

999.. Ambulance? ON THE WAY!

Oct 26, 2007

For LMAO-ing :x

Like what the title suggested, enjoy.... Disturbing, no? :p
Don't pretend, you're not that innocent! :D

Here's a little something that I would like to share (emo-ing):

I can't feel my fingers
I think I'm numb
I can't feel my feet
I think I'm numb
I can't feel my heart
I really think I'm numb
I can't feel my senses working
I'm numb.

Nothing's fine, really. I'm out of faith.
But I'm not giving up. So, be prepared,
You have been warned.

Oct 21, 2007

Unseen KL: It's more than meets the eye.

Before my update on my recent road trip, here's a little something I'd like share. I have a confession to make ladies and gentlemen. I... I... Okay, I don't like KL. Yup, you heard it right, I didn't really like our capital city. I mean what's there in the city?

1) Traffic jam wherever you go...
2) People, not that I don't like people, there's too many!
3) Safety (hah!) Besides the crazy ppl rushing to buy stuff during the mega mall sale, that is...

Enough said. But then again, there's no doubt that KL is a very beautiful city with magnificent skyscrapers, breath-taking views especially at night.. Okay.. too much credit..

Don't we all "love" the roaring sounds from the Mat Remp-its' bikes. The way they go "vROooMMmm...", is just "music" to one's ears. Or when the haze covers the twin towers and appear on the headlines? Or not to mention beautiful honking orchestra when there's traffic jam with melodies of TNS(s). -bleep-

Okay.. enough of ramblings. My point of this entry is to tell you people (yes you!) of the recent places in KL that I went to, and I ought to share this with you because it's really (damn) cool!
I figured it would be a good exposure especially to people like me (who thinks that night scenes in KL are awfully not-safe and well, only for those club regs) Not true at all. Of course, it comes with a price, but let me tell you, this kind of lifestyle just "blows" you away. But hey, life is short when you don't enjoy it.

Concorde Hotel. Er.. Duhh... For those of you who are geographically challenged like Ms South Carolina, Concorde Hotel is in the heart of KL (the golden triangle) - near to the Bintang Walk area (Sungei Wang, Berjaya Times Square, Starhill Gallery, Pavilion etc). It's just next to the Hard Rock Cafe (with really cool rotating bikes on the rooftop at the entrance- with songkok wearing rider...lol)

Well, why Concorde Hotel? Not because Concorde is Concorde, let's check it out inside!

This is the Spices Restaurant & Wine Bar. Do not be fooled by the picture, I didn't bring my camera, so this is the only picture I could find, lol. Cool chilling place, although a bit cowboy-ish because of its wood interior, it's actually quite a nice place to dine it or to have a drink while you get to listen to some live piano performance (read: Kevin Ong) :)

I had a cup of coffee, dessert and wine. Btw, their Lava Cake is to-die-for. Creamy and rich chocolate cake that melts in your mouth complimented with a scoop of Haagen Daaz ice cream. Totally drool worthy.. It's finger licking good! hehe.

Crossroads Lounge. Great live performances from different bands which changes every 30 minutes. You get a variety of good music just in a night. You can order a drink and sit the whole night if you wanted to. One thing, they were quite strict with their "21 year old and above only" ruling. Blek.

What I'm trying to say is, it changed my perception.. You can still have a good night out, with a safe environment.. You can still be cool and hip, although this is not Zouk or those happening clubs at the Heritage Row. You can still dance the night away, at the same time have a good fellowship with your family and friends...

Regular patrons: Sultan of Selangor and his buddies.. O.o

Okay next:::

Breakfast at Tiffany's? No, it's better. Breakfast at Pavilion, The Loaf.

The Loaf, founded by none other than our ex PM, Tun Dr M, in which the first shop was launched in Langkawi. No wonder the guy holding the bread resembled him.. haha..

This was the 2nd time I set my foot in Pavilion, and I admit, I'm still like a "katak di bawah tempurung" when I walked in. Haha.. So, we were having our fellowship, two families (7 of us)

Breakfast was never that grand. It's really "breakfast" at The Loaf. A variety of pastries to choose from, everything looked so good, I wished I could take one of each.

On the menu, there was this breakfast set called Tun's favorite. Apparently it's his favorite la... Two slices of bread +Lamb curry+ Half boiled eggs+ Orange Juice + Coffee = RM 24 ++

I had this... It's called Asparagus & Broccoli Soup. Delicious I tell you...

Tempted? Come, we go have breakfast at Pavilion, The Loaf. Tomorrow, 10 am? haha..


Oct 18, 2007

Of sufferings. and happiness.

Don't you ever wish you were someone else
You were meant to be the way you are exactly
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself, you're better off by far

Believe in yourself
Reach down inside
The love you find will set you free.
Believe in yourself, you will come alive
Have faith in what you do
You'll make it through

-Excerpt from the song "Stay the Same" by Joey Mcintyre-

Familiar with these lines? It's considered "classic" now, just accept the fact that we're getting old... Kids going online are getting unbelievably young, and they really know their stuff. Looking back, I started when I was 7 years old. 12 years ago. Wow, isn't it amazing to see how technology has brought us where we are today. Sharing your thoughts with the world through blogs.

Destinations that were once only known to us on maps, now connected, so close that you chat with random strangers just because of some common interests...

Okay, this was not what I wanted to talk about anyway. haha.

Back to the song. I figured out that I'll use it to well, start my topic for this entry which is about sufferings and happiness. What about that? Sufferings= unhappy? Happiness=happy? Quite easy, there's not much to talk about, if you look at it that way. I can't simply assume that everyone is like everyone, but this is from well, a growing teenager/young adult's POV on this. As a child, we're taught to aim for the stars, be the No. 1 in class and so forth. Non-stop input from our parents (especially) to strive, be the best, hence embedded the competitive "nature" in us. We all grow up learning that 'A' stands for excellence and 'F' is failure. Who would have known that A is actually 'apple' not 'axcellence' (*joke ends here*)

Ironically, when we go through stages in life, what we're searching for is what we call....contentment. Why do we have be diagnosed with cancer to appreciate the beauty of simple things in life? Why do we have to go through hardships, painful experiences to actually learn to not take things for granted? Often enough, there are cases when one chase for riches, ends up rich at some point but spend it all on paying medical bills.

We always think that when we move on, we automatically solve our problems. Let me share this little story with you (as told by a Buddhist monk). So this monk got a visit from two Thai girls who are sisters. One is a married woman(Sister 1) and the other, single (Sister 2)

Monk: Is there anything I can help?

Sister 1: I'm not happy with my marriage. (Abusive husband, and facing problems)

Monk: And what's your problem?

Sister 2: I haven't find the right man to marry. Am I going to stay single? When will I find a husband?

Well, isn't it obvious? Since one is complaining that she can't handle the relationship, and the other one wants a relationship? *evil laugh*

But well, what the Buddhist monk is trying to imply using this example is that, in life, we can't avoid problems. If you're a married woman, you have married woman problems, and likewise, if you are single, then you'll have a single woman problems. You think you can run away just because you moved on in difficult situations? Think again.

What is true happiness then? Well, have contentment. Then you'll have happiness. Always have faith, be contented, and you might be on the right path.. :)

Oct 9, 2007

Seeing through me.

Blogging is a venting machine for me. I blog when I'm sad. I blog when I'm elated. And I certainly blog when I feel strongly about something. Now that I realize that when you're online, people can just know you just by reading your stuffs, like a singer with his songs.

It's good to have someone nod, or smile when reading your blog entries, like they could relate to you or something. A comment to let you know is well, satisfying. Like how a person say they can relate themselves to what you posted. Seeing through you. Yes, this is my topic for this entry. Seeing through me.

You see, these days it's really hard to write about something, let alone posting it online, fearing some will read it and you know... esp you feel like talking about something that has happened and you think it's unfair. To let people you know especially to read your stuff takes up a lot of courage. That was my initial fear to make my blog public. Anyways, I did. If you feel strongly about something, why not share? Although I do think twice on whether to post something, that might seemingly a lil too "controversial"? Well, I still write whatever I want to but making it general, and of course with a little personal twist of "my story". haha.

Recently I find it a bit freaky to post anything personal though. I was on this chat box on Myspace, and suddenly this random person asked me whether I had bought my ticket or not? Huh? I swear I didn't know who that person was, and I remembered that I posted on my blog that I bought my ticket home. So, yeah, this person, by just reading my posts knew something about me. Don't tell me that's normal... Coz it's not really something funny. Imagine a potential stalker (excluding me, of course. lol) Well, that person was just pulling a prank on me, but still, imagine that.

My blog is general but still very personal to me, and it's scary sometimes to know that someone could be watching you. Knowing what you are thinking, like seeing through you. Don't you feel bare naked? Well, there's a lesson to learn after all this, but I'm not stopping myself from blogging just because I'm paranoid of all these "potential stalkers". lol.

Regarding 'controversial' topics, well, it's very similar to cases where employees are caught red handed for "bitching" about their employers on the net. You know what I mean. Sometimes I just try to ignore and blog about something else, although there are times I try to do it diplomatically. It doesn't stop me from blogging about it, but of course, it has to go through my own version of censorship board. :) Like how they we learn it in media ethics: Self-regulation!

Looking back at myself right now, compared to the past, I was someone who's reacts to a situation defensively, my fault or not. Once upon a time, I speak my mind, and that does not work well, when I started college. I learned my lesson. Life indeed begins after college. Let me rephrase that, Reality begins after college. Speaking your mind won't exactly help you gain friends, more likely to make enemies imo. But then again, you can't please the whole world. I've learned how to laugh during difficult times, and take things more lightly in different situations.

As the proverb goes, 'When life give you lemons, you make lemonade' I guess the person who came up with this really knows it. Instead of holding a grudge, well, might as well, be witty and sarcastic.. Turn it into something you can laugh about.

Like what the bumper sticker says: Sarcasm, embrace it!

Or how Mr Bernard would say it with a finger on his cheek: Is that my problem?

Cheers and have a good day.. :)

Oct 8, 2007

Jogoya with CREACTIVE! (Updated!)

Date: 8th Oct 2007
Venue: Jogoya, Starhill Gallery
Time: 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

1+ hour jam...Finally we were there at about 7:30 pm.
Stella and the angels walked towards the counter.

Us: Hmm.. Reservation under CREACTIVE?
Receptionist: Mr Lim?
Us: Mr Lim? Ah, yeah.. Mr Lim... (Fei= Mr Lim)

Attack of the Creactive-ians Epi 1.

Sorry for the sucky pics. Blame it on:

1) "Lao ya" Olympus digi cam
2) Hungry photographer, with sucky skills

Curi style a bit. Little pins/tokens or whatever it is...
We have also "VIP" coupons to order VIP food.... Thanks to Jade...

Busy taking pictures after two/three rounds... *snaps*

Ooo.. *snaps*

Worker: Sorry miss, you're not allowed to take pics here.
Me: Oops, okay. *blek*

Delicious appetizer/ side dishes...

Me: Reminds me of my host family where I had the "ikan bilis" dish during a dinner. :p

VIP dish 1

VIP dish 2

VIP dish 3

VIP dish 4: (too salty!)

VIP dish 4 (dessert) - Apple pie with caramel...

Side comment: Very presentable... Taste okay la...

U Jinn.... First round? Second round di..

Princess.. oops, Ryan using chopsticks!

Side note: Shame on you Kris! :p

Stella... loves FOOD... Bubbly person!

Overall, I didn't enjoy the food (too rushing!), the fellowship was nice- although it was sad- it was a farewell after all.. To Jingle, Stella, Apple, and Poh Ling. We wish you all the best here in CREACTIVE, and good luck for your future endeavours. Hwaiting! (haha.. it's been a while since I used that!)

Oct 7, 2007

UK Edu Fair + hopes + dreams + craziness...

Kristina: I think I will see 3 blogs with the same post.

Your wish is my command. :)

Welcome to the UK Edu Fair 2007.

Please register yourself at the booth at 1 p.m. Not 12.59 p.m. exactly 1 p.m. :p

Filling up the forms to get goodie bags!

People, lots of them!

Survey time? Get discount cards from Britain Card.

One of the booths...

Make good choices...

It was raining when we were done...

Kris being at her best: retarded!

I told you so... :p

Who's the better model? ...

I smell mushroom pie! *imagination" of course...

Study in UK today. :p *being hopeful* Nope, this is not a sponsored post. Imagine if it was. It's no $$$ but in POUNDS! Phewww.

Paypal: $20.00 in! Yuppies!

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