Oct 21, 2007

Unseen KL: It's more than meets the eye.

Before my update on my recent road trip, here's a little something I'd like share. I have a confession to make ladies and gentlemen. I... I... Okay, I don't like KL. Yup, you heard it right, I didn't really like our capital city. I mean what's there in the city?

1) Traffic jam wherever you go...
2) People, not that I don't like people, there's too many!
3) Safety (hah!) Besides the crazy ppl rushing to buy stuff during the mega mall sale, that is...

Enough said. But then again, there's no doubt that KL is a very beautiful city with magnificent skyscrapers, breath-taking views especially at night.. Okay.. too much credit..

Don't we all "love" the roaring sounds from the Mat Remp-its' bikes. The way they go "vROooMMmm...", is just "music" to one's ears. Or when the haze covers the twin towers and appear on the headlines? Or not to mention beautiful honking orchestra when there's traffic jam with melodies of TNS(s). -bleep-

Okay.. enough of ramblings. My point of this entry is to tell you people (yes you!) of the recent places in KL that I went to, and I ought to share this with you because it's really (damn) cool!
I figured it would be a good exposure especially to people like me (who thinks that night scenes in KL are awfully not-safe and well, only for those club regs) Not true at all. Of course, it comes with a price, but let me tell you, this kind of lifestyle just "blows" you away. But hey, life is short when you don't enjoy it.

Concorde Hotel. Er.. Duhh... For those of you who are geographically challenged like Ms South Carolina, Concorde Hotel is in the heart of KL (the golden triangle) - near to the Bintang Walk area (Sungei Wang, Berjaya Times Square, Starhill Gallery, Pavilion etc). It's just next to the Hard Rock Cafe (with really cool rotating bikes on the rooftop at the entrance- with songkok wearing rider...lol)

Well, why Concorde Hotel? Not because Concorde is Concorde, let's check it out inside!

This is the Spices Restaurant & Wine Bar. Do not be fooled by the picture, I didn't bring my camera, so this is the only picture I could find, lol. Cool chilling place, although a bit cowboy-ish because of its wood interior, it's actually quite a nice place to dine it or to have a drink while you get to listen to some live piano performance (read: Kevin Ong) :)

I had a cup of coffee, dessert and wine. Btw, their Lava Cake is to-die-for. Creamy and rich chocolate cake that melts in your mouth complimented with a scoop of Haagen Daaz ice cream. Totally drool worthy.. It's finger licking good! hehe.

Crossroads Lounge. Great live performances from different bands which changes every 30 minutes. You get a variety of good music just in a night. You can order a drink and sit the whole night if you wanted to. One thing, they were quite strict with their "21 year old and above only" ruling. Blek.

What I'm trying to say is, it changed my perception.. You can still have a good night out, with a safe environment.. You can still be cool and hip, although this is not Zouk or those happening clubs at the Heritage Row. You can still dance the night away, at the same time have a good fellowship with your family and friends...

Regular patrons: Sultan of Selangor and his buddies.. O.o

Okay next:::

Breakfast at Tiffany's? No, it's better. Breakfast at Pavilion, The Loaf.

The Loaf, founded by none other than our ex PM, Tun Dr M, in which the first shop was launched in Langkawi. No wonder the guy holding the bread resembled him.. haha..

This was the 2nd time I set my foot in Pavilion, and I admit, I'm still like a "katak di bawah tempurung" when I walked in. Haha.. So, we were having our fellowship, two families (7 of us)

Breakfast was never that grand. It's really "breakfast" at The Loaf. A variety of pastries to choose from, everything looked so good, I wished I could take one of each.

On the menu, there was this breakfast set called Tun's favorite. Apparently it's his favorite la... Two slices of bread +Lamb curry+ Half boiled eggs+ Orange Juice + Coffee = RM 24 ++

I had this... It's called Asparagus & Broccoli Soup. Delicious I tell you...

Tempted? Come, we go have breakfast at Pavilion, The Loaf. Tomorrow, 10 am? haha..


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