Oct 18, 2007

Of sufferings. and happiness.

Don't you ever wish you were someone else
You were meant to be the way you are exactly
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself, you're better off by far

Believe in yourself
Reach down inside
The love you find will set you free.
Believe in yourself, you will come alive
Have faith in what you do
You'll make it through

-Excerpt from the song "Stay the Same" by Joey Mcintyre-

Familiar with these lines? It's considered "classic" now, just accept the fact that we're getting old... Kids going online are getting unbelievably young, and they really know their stuff. Looking back, I started when I was 7 years old. 12 years ago. Wow, isn't it amazing to see how technology has brought us where we are today. Sharing your thoughts with the world through blogs.

Destinations that were once only known to us on maps, now connected, so close that you chat with random strangers just because of some common interests...

Okay, this was not what I wanted to talk about anyway. haha.

Back to the song. I figured out that I'll use it to well, start my topic for this entry which is about sufferings and happiness. What about that? Sufferings= unhappy? Happiness=happy? Quite easy, there's not much to talk about, if you look at it that way. I can't simply assume that everyone is like everyone, but this is from well, a growing teenager/young adult's POV on this. As a child, we're taught to aim for the stars, be the No. 1 in class and so forth. Non-stop input from our parents (especially) to strive, be the best, hence embedded the competitive "nature" in us. We all grow up learning that 'A' stands for excellence and 'F' is failure. Who would have known that A is actually 'apple' not 'axcellence' (*joke ends here*)

Ironically, when we go through stages in life, what we're searching for is what we call....contentment. Why do we have be diagnosed with cancer to appreciate the beauty of simple things in life? Why do we have to go through hardships, painful experiences to actually learn to not take things for granted? Often enough, there are cases when one chase for riches, ends up rich at some point but spend it all on paying medical bills.

We always think that when we move on, we automatically solve our problems. Let me share this little story with you (as told by a Buddhist monk). So this monk got a visit from two Thai girls who are sisters. One is a married woman(Sister 1) and the other, single (Sister 2)

Monk: Is there anything I can help?

Sister 1: I'm not happy with my marriage. (Abusive husband, and facing problems)

Monk: And what's your problem?

Sister 2: I haven't find the right man to marry. Am I going to stay single? When will I find a husband?

Well, isn't it obvious? Since one is complaining that she can't handle the relationship, and the other one wants a relationship? *evil laugh*

But well, what the Buddhist monk is trying to imply using this example is that, in life, we can't avoid problems. If you're a married woman, you have married woman problems, and likewise, if you are single, then you'll have a single woman problems. You think you can run away just because you moved on in difficult situations? Think again.

What is true happiness then? Well, have contentment. Then you'll have happiness. Always have faith, be contented, and you might be on the right path.. :)

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