Oct 9, 2007

Seeing through me.

Blogging is a venting machine for me. I blog when I'm sad. I blog when I'm elated. And I certainly blog when I feel strongly about something. Now that I realize that when you're online, people can just know you just by reading your stuffs, like a singer with his songs.

It's good to have someone nod, or smile when reading your blog entries, like they could relate to you or something. A comment to let you know is well, satisfying. Like how a person say they can relate themselves to what you posted. Seeing through you. Yes, this is my topic for this entry. Seeing through me.

You see, these days it's really hard to write about something, let alone posting it online, fearing some will read it and you know... esp you feel like talking about something that has happened and you think it's unfair. To let people you know especially to read your stuff takes up a lot of courage. That was my initial fear to make my blog public. Anyways, I did. If you feel strongly about something, why not share? Although I do think twice on whether to post something, that might seemingly a lil too "controversial"? Well, I still write whatever I want to but making it general, and of course with a little personal twist of "my story". haha.

Recently I find it a bit freaky to post anything personal though. I was on this chat box on Myspace, and suddenly this random person asked me whether I had bought my ticket or not? Huh? I swear I didn't know who that person was, and I remembered that I posted on my blog that I bought my ticket home. So, yeah, this person, by just reading my posts knew something about me. Don't tell me that's normal... Coz it's not really something funny. Imagine a potential stalker (excluding me, of course. lol) Well, that person was just pulling a prank on me, but still, imagine that.

My blog is general but still very personal to me, and it's scary sometimes to know that someone could be watching you. Knowing what you are thinking, like seeing through you. Don't you feel bare naked? Well, there's a lesson to learn after all this, but I'm not stopping myself from blogging just because I'm paranoid of all these "potential stalkers". lol.

Regarding 'controversial' topics, well, it's very similar to cases where employees are caught red handed for "bitching" about their employers on the net. You know what I mean. Sometimes I just try to ignore and blog about something else, although there are times I try to do it diplomatically. It doesn't stop me from blogging about it, but of course, it has to go through my own version of censorship board. :) Like how they we learn it in media ethics: Self-regulation!

Looking back at myself right now, compared to the past, I was someone who's reacts to a situation defensively, my fault or not. Once upon a time, I speak my mind, and that does not work well, when I started college. I learned my lesson. Life indeed begins after college. Let me rephrase that, Reality begins after college. Speaking your mind won't exactly help you gain friends, more likely to make enemies imo. But then again, you can't please the whole world. I've learned how to laugh during difficult times, and take things more lightly in different situations.

As the proverb goes, 'When life give you lemons, you make lemonade' I guess the person who came up with this really knows it. Instead of holding a grudge, well, might as well, be witty and sarcastic.. Turn it into something you can laugh about.

Like what the bumper sticker says: Sarcasm, embrace it!

Or how Mr Bernard would say it with a finger on his cheek: Is that my problem?

Cheers and have a good day.. :)

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Hm, I get what you meant.
Sometimes I think, a blog is an online diary, and yet it's open to public.




"learned how to laugh during difficult times, and take things more lightly in different situations."
>> ahh, I think I gona learn this again :)

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