Oct 8, 2007

Jogoya with CREACTIVE! (Updated!)

Date: 8th Oct 2007
Venue: Jogoya, Starhill Gallery
Time: 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

1+ hour jam...Finally we were there at about 7:30 pm.
Stella and the angels walked towards the counter.

Us: Hmm.. Reservation under CREACTIVE?
Receptionist: Mr Lim?
Us: Mr Lim? Ah, yeah.. Mr Lim... (Fei= Mr Lim)

Attack of the Creactive-ians Epi 1.

Sorry for the sucky pics. Blame it on:

1) "Lao ya" Olympus digi cam
2) Hungry photographer, with sucky skills

Curi style a bit. Little pins/tokens or whatever it is...
We have also "VIP" coupons to order VIP food.... Thanks to Jade...

Busy taking pictures after two/three rounds... *snaps*

Ooo.. *snaps*

Worker: Sorry miss, you're not allowed to take pics here.
Me: Oops, okay. *blek*

Delicious appetizer/ side dishes...

Me: Reminds me of my host family where I had the "ikan bilis" dish during a dinner. :p

VIP dish 1

VIP dish 2

VIP dish 3

VIP dish 4: (too salty!)

VIP dish 4 (dessert) - Apple pie with caramel...

Side comment: Very presentable... Taste okay la...

U Jinn.... First round? Second round di..

Princess.. oops, Ryan using chopsticks!

Side note: Shame on you Kris! :p

Stella... loves FOOD... Bubbly person!

Overall, I didn't enjoy the food (too rushing!), the fellowship was nice- although it was sad- it was a farewell after all.. To Jingle, Stella, Apple, and Poh Ling. We wish you all the best here in CREACTIVE, and good luck for your future endeavours. Hwaiting! (haha.. it's been a while since I used that!)

4 spoken:


So many people and that's all the food you all managed to stuff yourself with?



To be added...

Pics compilation not complete and we're no professional food bloggers(most of us chowed down the food before we could take any pictures)... Sad but yup.

Lots to learn from you people. :x


You don't need a food blogger to do what. Just a little resistant and determination will do the job. :P


haha. yes, lots of resistance...and determination... :)

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