Jan 3, 2008

News story of the year!

Come New Year, we already have the news of the year!
- anonymous reporter-

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek shocked the nation by admitting he is the man in the controversial sex DVD. "Gan zhuo, Gan Dang" (Dare to do, Dare to be admit/responsible), he said in an interview. What's a man gotta do when he's caught red handed? And when you're a public figure and a leader?

It left me pretty speechless- for a while. :p
I predicted- and it came true when on the headlines today:
Known for his rather brash personality, he still has the cheek, or I would say pride to face the nation. He resigned today, following a survey from a few mainstream newspapers, (no prizes for guessing), more than 90% prefers him to step down.

That was really, imo, "obvious", you think the people are gonna be less critical if you're honest? You're lucky if you're not stoned or something.

At the age of 61, it's never too late to learn, I supposed. It's a hard way to learn... with everyone being *coughs* "holier than thou" *coughs*

"Some people are lucky not to get caught" he said in the interview after he handed his resignation letter. Hmmph. Pride speaking? Let me take a guess of what he really wanted to say. (Hah! I admitted, it's okay that I resign now, you guys who's still up there must be shitting in your pants right now!) Word.

And to boot the statement, our dear PM added, "My advice to the other ministers and leaders is to take care of themselves" (Don't worry, as long as you don't get caught, you'll be safe, for now keep it low!) Take note ministers.

Now I wonder who will be the next one to join his predecessors of the speculated cursed/jinxed "Hell"(Health) post? It's going to be just drama! :D

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I still think that no matter how bad he is in his personal life, that's within the right of his privacy. And being a prominent person, it's unfortunate that this issue proliferated. Political sabotage or whatever intentions the dvd culprit has, it's still disrespectful to invade his life, even more through this means. On the other hand, it's a slamming wake up call for other high profile people, especially ones who are serving the public. Malaysians don't want the country to be lead by leaders who are seen/in disguise morally damaged. At least, I don't not want, not even at all.


*nods* I agree. There's so many different aspects to look at it. I guess we (most of us, that is) all learn something, hopefully.

Jamie Lioh

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