Jan 23, 2008

Make it to the headlines.. for the right reasons.

The headlines these days are such that it seems like it's jinxed. You can't expect a good news anyway how because what's looking back at you is positively 100% negative. You won't see titles like: Robbers surrender themselves and return $1 million or Snatch theft, truly sorry.

Okay, I was joking- but yeah, we don't see things that are more like morally uplifting or something that we won't turn around and say, "This is not supposed to happen" or "What is happening to the society?".

What triggered me to post this up. One word: Death. An issue that doesn't go out of trend- I mean, some individual from some part of the world dies every single minute- and more so of a chance to be talk of the town- if you're a public figure. word.

People die of natural deaths, unnatural deaths? Well, let's not get there... Terminal illness, Accidents, Old Age- it happens. But what I really want to debate *coughs* today, is about those deaths that can be avoided, but still happen due to human error- where the whole psychology part takes over which I won't go there. yet. not this post. Murder, Suicide, murder..suicide... yea...those two.

Cases of murders and suicides are rapidly sprouting in the headlines since the last 2-3 years? And it is well, shocking, I might say.

Like I've mentioned earlier- public figures+ murder/suicide+scandal= HOT NEWS! I would say it's not just the 3S that sells- namely, sports, sex, sensationalism. Suicide might as well join the bandwagon. *shrugs*

Recent news: Actor Heath Ledger found dead. Truth to be told, I was dumbfounded, I couldn't believe my ears. Sad to say, least expected news of a promising young actor- DANG! What is really happening? CLICK

I just got off a convo with the Devil (she-who-shall-not-be-
identified-here-at-least) of a family friend who murdered his wife after several unsettled heated arguments. Read it here: Shocking News!!

Other proofs that suicide has become a sort-of "trend", well, just take South Korean celebrities who committed suicide after nasty comments from the netizens (internet users-technically speaking). One after another, it's almost like we're anticipating deaths. "There goes another one" we'll say.

We have seen individuals combating with terminal illnesses every single day, soldiers trying to keepsake their lives so that they can go home to their families in one piece.. and you see the contradiction, people literally throwing their lives away. External pressure, you may argue, but like I've said... human errors....What could be the cause?

Maybe just for one second, to hold that thought- of the people who still care about you, or maybe your dignity at least, losing hope when people had faith in you?

No one can understand you, nothing can solve your problems? If you just compare your problems with those who's suffering but still standing strong, maybe it'll shrink to the size of a pea. Maybe if you could just understand that by hurting yourself, you end up affecting the people around you- unlike your thinking of the world revolves around you alone.

But you know one thing? Believe it or not, the suicidal feeling or when you feel like pulling the trigger it doesn't just happen overnight, yes it happens in that split second where you just feel like letting out- but it has to start somewhere. If you find yourself to be short-tempered, if you find yourself to get sad over little things, it's more likely that you'll slowly bottle up those feelings- and when the time comes, it explodes just like a time bomb.

Tick tock. Tick tock. The time bomb is ticking.

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Um, if only it was easy to ignore our feelings. This includes the brinks of suicide. Suicidal people should really take "befrienders" as an option before signing out from life. At least.

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