Aug 26, 2009

Keep friendships like you keep long hair

This has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston and her hair. But today felt like Friends on the last few episode of the last season. What a journey it has been for me this year, my best ever yet, and I hope to say that for every single year.

Friendships are like your hair, if you let it grow, it gets longer.

Today I sit at my [messy] cubicle, reminiscing over the past 10 months I have been here. And it's coming to an end in two days. To think that a couple months back, I was in state of emotional turmoil; it feels in a situation where you struggle to finish the last few bites of your food to avoid being accused of having an eating disorder.

That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger. -Nietzsche-

For the past ten months, I have learned more than I what I've learned in theory. The characters that I meet, the frustration of dealing with people, and never fails to remind me to work harder on myself, in terms of attitude and mindset no matter how big your dream is; whether it is to change the world or change the person next to you, you have to start with yourself.

Adventure is out there! -UP-

Most of us is like Mr. Fredricksen, we often look for perfection in timing. We are always in fear that our lives will never start; and as time passes by, we get old and die. Funny how we never appreciate what life has to offer us at the moment.

Ask someone who failed their test by one mark, the joy of passing the second time
Ask someone who missed their flight by one minute, when they're on time

We may fail today, we may struggle, we may face the biggest challenge, we may be waiting and wondering when life starts.

The one message I really like from "P.S I love You", "Honey, life has already started. We make mistakes, and you're in the wrong species if you think you can do without it".

But here's how you can minimize the wrong things, and do more of the right things. :)

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