Oct 14, 2008

a day around the island

quite an outdated post, but hey, who cares? So we took a day trip around Penang Island, and yes, no joking, we did go around it, to Balik Pulau which serves the "unofficial" best laksa ever.

mum at Tai Thong dim sum place.

cousin sis who had a break from the stressful Spore lifestyle decided to join us.

first stop. Look out for Nan Guang restaurant (corner shop)

what's special about the laksa served here in Balik Pulau is that it is mixed with santan, which is really nice. Go try if you haven't. Of course if you don't like it, you can still get the original Penang laksa which is just as nice.

Cendol stall by the road side.

Cheap. A glass of drink costs only RM0.70. Perfect drink for a hot day.

Dad continues driving.

We stopped by a cafe by the beach to have a cuppa coffee (mum)

Of course, what's life by the beach without something light to go with?

It's been years! since I went on the ferry, so we did...

We went up and took this picture of the ferry and the Komtar building, right in the middle.

And enjoyed a nice sunset as we leave Penang.

T'was a lovely trip. and good thing is that Penang is only 1 1/2 hours away from Ipoh. Gosh, can I say I love Ipoh? Yes, I can.

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