Oct 13, 2008

where is the fairytale ending?

when fantasy disappeared, and reality setting in. does this means that we don't get our fairytale ending, the one with happily-ever- after-the- most -gorgeous- dress-and the- sparkling -tiara? i do know that when you kiss a frog (or 1000 frogs, just to be sure), it doesn't turn to a prince, that's why we have morale of the story for, i get it, i get it. how about reality shows? the one with the bachelors and bachelorettes? gosh, i'm so sure that you (yes you), have at least watch one season and do we all admit guilty to the fact that we root for that one girl or one guy to be given the rose every episode?

and then the proposal with full drama (the whole tear-jerker-i-do! scene), and attend shows together, and what? Going their separate ways, and showing up in another season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette? And here we are reading the news, gosh, "was all that "love" fake?". Of course, we still haven't decode the Hollywood love affair just yet, but all this drama on the show, will you marry me? let's have 5 kids plan? I'm yours-you're mine? Wow, that's good acting.

"The Bachelor" Where Are They Now?

At least Andrew Firestone got his fairytale after marrying his Serbian model sweetheart, Ivana, and expecting their first child. I guess he didn't need help from the reality show afterall. The dress is gorgeous by the way.

Should girls/guys stop dreaming about fairytales? It won't really hurt, right? Good luck, but keep your feet on the ground, I'll suggest.

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