Oct 24, 2008

We're in the city of wonder

before i m-i-a into the weekends. *evil laugh*

basically, i slept in today, i guess must be the late nights taking toll (bad habit), and i went out to grab a bite while waiting for the cobbler to fix my Nike's.

Advertisement break:
Go to Zul (cobbler), just outside Killiney's at Damansara Uptown, he's the best, and cost effective too! For your monthly heel-quick-fix, it's only RM3, which is ALOT cheaper than other places, of course, if you're around PJ/Damansara area.

I'm still *looking at the messy pile behind* very much unpacked. And yes, I shall continue after this, I promise! I will be packed packed packed! next week, up and down Ipoh-KL/PJ, I don't think I've ever been that busy, a far cry from the "chill out, bumming around" routine I expected after finishing college. So, it's untrue, myth busted, alright!

A quick run down on what's keeping me alive:-

1) Press conference for Bloggers Buff 2008. (it's finally happening)
2) Samsung Innov8 Run (fingers crossed, shall we?)
3) Driving examination (Wish me Luck!)
4) Move, Work, Move? (How am I going to juggle?)
5) Personal Statement/ Reference (Procrastination is the real devil!)
6) Birthday party event: Editing,Interview, Door Gift!
7) Post pics of Perak Academy's talk, Malaysian Dilemma (on flickr)
8) Bound for Singapore on the 7th-9th Nov.

Okay, put that aside.

So, I've been reading one of my fav blogs, and was intrigued by this particular entry, which focuses on Epistemology or the theory of knowledge.

According to wikipedia.com, Epistemology primarily addresses the following questions:

1) What is knowledge?
2) How is knowledge acquired?
3) What do people know?
4) How do we know what we know?

I'm not going to further elaborate because of time doesn't allow me to, but it seems to be that the theory of knowledge is very similar to psychology, which always has the fundamental question of, What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Mind or Brains? Nature Vs. Nurture. Can you feel the mental orgasm?

Okay, on the final note, this song has been stuck in my head since Kina Grannis' cover. So now, let's "bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum..."

Have a great weekend everybody, I'll check in later with my surprise package post.

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