Apr 17, 2009

Dream Dream Dream

Slumdog of the year: Susan Boyle.

Never dated, never kissed, 47 years old; and now living the dream she dreamed.

And some say "Why dream? It's not going to come true"

She proved everybody wrong. And this is a great lesson.

Everybody was laughing. And everybody stopped laughing now.

I heard this theory from an ex pirated vcd seller who is obviously successful now:-

If you dream of owning a BMW and people around are contented with a Myvi, do you think they will laugh at you? Of course. And likewise.

You don't need to be rich to think rich.
If you have the dream, and people laugh at you, think of Susan Boyle.
And especially if you're young, I'm sure we can afford to make some mistakes and take criticisms along the way. And then they stop laughing; that would be better than orgasm. ;)

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