Aug 6, 2007

Youtube. and my favorites.

Do you have a youtube account?
At least watched a video on youtube before?

You see youtube is sometimes full of BS and crap, I admit, but I must say it is one of the place where you get to watch cool videos, be it drama series that you might have missed, or music videos, and also don't you think it's cool to be able to upload your own and show the world? Yes, if you're able to take the harsh critics. Some can be really 'Suicidal', but hey, at least they are watching. lol.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I like youtube because of these creative/funny/talented people who take time to post their stuff online. I came across so many junks but hey, here are the real stuff. Here are my faves (very recommended!)

Best musician (creative/talented/funny) award:


This is a guy who plays the guitar and has an extremely BEAUTIFUL voice. He writes and composes his own songs, also at times he does covers.

One thing about him is that he can keep a straight face and sing (be it an emo/happy song)- which I find it to be amusing. He also has a song entitled, I won't smile- yes, explaining why he doesn't smile. Also he did this song for youtube- a love song.

Cover for Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston. (Quite nice). So I present to you David Choi.

Best rant videos (from celebrities to stereotypes to dating) award


Another really cool video. This chinese-american dude is hilarious I tell ya. He can be talking (okay, ranting) about issues, particularly on stereotypes, and basically something we can all relate to, be it school or dating, or japanese porn. LOL.

here are some cool vids of his:

I need help with females
Kevjumba response to haters
My dog jackie and japanese porn

Best "hey-maybe-youtube-could-make-me-famous" inspiration award

Esmee denters

Yup, this is the girl who made it through youtube. All the way from Holland, she became famous overnight because of her videos of her singing covers. Beautiful voice really, nice... She's currently in the US, making an album, feat Justin Timberlake (she was featured in his song, What goes around) and she also sang with Kelly Rowland (ex-destiny's child). Hey, sounds inspiring to me, i mean a webcam and youtube made it happened. And a good voice doesn't hurt of course.

You go girl.

Here are some vids of her:

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
Dance with my father- Luther Vandross
What goes around- JT

That's all for now. My top 3 awards. Psycho exam this Wed. Gotta run! ^__^;;

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