Aug 20, 2007

Paranoia. Tell me about it.

Hey peeps, I'm back for my updates. Well, today it's going to be on the topic: Paranoia. It's kinda impromptu thing really. I just read The Star, today. And I happened to have read Mary Schneider's weekly column on "But then again.." Yes, no prizes for guessing, it's about my topic, which is Paranoia (in case you haven't been paying attention) Sorry, I'm a bit high on sugar or you could say D.... haha.. : x

So, I'm back in Batu Gajah again. In case you don't know where's that, it's somewhere near Ipoh, Perak, and yes, it's in Malaysia. It's my hometown, and it's one of the most famous small towns in Malaysia during the erm... 1930's? :p

So, yeah. I was saying that, I was in the car with my parents, on the way back here from PJ, debating on my education. Yes, my dad doesn't really like the fact, or don't believe that to further your studies, you have to go overseas. He was giving me a looong list on people (friends' sons and daughters) who graduated here, and with their PHDs and he didn't agree why I should further my studies overseas. Maybe also, we are used to hearing news, like for example, this family friend's daughter got married to a Black (after she went there to study and work), and divorce cases. Hmm.. Using Schneider's line, but then again, who said I was going to go there to marry a black guy? Who is to say that I'll end up marrying a "mat salleh"? No one. I mean of course, there is no guarantee on the other hand, as well. : x

Schneider's article on how she was reading this recent news on the express bus accident, killing 20 people, injuring 9. At the same time, her 15 year old daughter was about to embarked on a journey to Melaka, by bus. When all these "news" appear on the newspaper, parents will automatically switch their "PROTECTIVE PARENT ALERT" mode on. Both mother and daughter discussing about it, giving her daughter a "Don't talk to strangers" speech etc.

I guess I can relate to that, I think anyone of my age, or like me, "the single child" status, would get caught in this situation. How to break through the "wall" that my dad has against me? I guess, better get that damn scholarship and show it to them, that you really want it (I mean further your education, not marrying a "mat salleh") Show that you are a BIG girl/boy, and you want to see the world. The world is not flat, so, when it's round, you go round it. I'm not sure what I'm saying right now, but yeah. haha.

To dad (if you're reading this): I prefer Asians. :p Keep your fingers cross, so I don't end up with a "mat salleh". But like you always say it, God knows best! Peace!

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Yeah..parents get over protective at times..tell me about it..but ur way there...then they will surely let u go..get the damn scholarship gal...

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