Aug 28, 2007

Ruby? It's Groovy.

Today is Tuesday. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I have break until Sun, but I'm still here in DU. It's really funny for someone to complain that we have like 6 days break, and now still here, when there's another extra 5 days or so? Whatever.

So, what's with Ruby? It's not Ruby, that's Hardip wife, hehe. How the Ruby came into picture was actually like this:

Jamie: Hey, they said something when the customers walked in or out.
Me: Really? Maybe it's irrashaimase?
Jamie: no... it sounded like Ruby..
Me: Ruby? WTH? Why do they have to say Ruby?
Jamie: I don't know.. maybe the manager's name is Ruby?
Me: Hmmm.. LOL.

After paying the total bill of RM59.60,

Me: Excuse me, what did you guys said when the customers walk in?
Waitress: Oh, it's GROOVY
Me: Oh! (look at Jamie) That's why it sounded like Ruby. lol..
Waitress: (thinking) weird ppl!

Today, we went to Sushi Groove, the "sorta new" sushi place in 1 U. Jamie's brother, Jason blogged on their little "makan" trip there, and we're tempted to try it out as well. As usual, I succumbed into temptation :p

One thing I learned:

You always end up eating expensive and nice food with Jamie. It comes with a price.

A replica of Jason's pic. :p Oh wells.

Cozy interior. Groovy eh?
Long communal tables. So that you can sit with strangers. Apparently. I did not come up with this. They said that. :p

Very blur pic, but this is the only pic we took. haha.

Even their plate looked interesting. :p

Waiting for the food! *stomach growls* Jamie, mama never taught you, is it?

Muahaha.. This is the.. Tempura Bento Set and the HEAVENLY Unagi Roll (it looks like a dragon)


It looks like Jamie's blog now. She's in most of the pictures. :p

My review: Well, I would say it's great. Superb, like how French would say it. Hmm.. definitely value for money, what you pay is what you get (s0 far). It's not cheap, cheap, Sakae is still cheaper, but this is really good. Please don't ever go to Sushi King to eat anymore. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. Hmm.. If you're really on student budget, you can order one set meal, like we did, and two side dishes. The Unagi roll is to-die-for. We're supposed to show you the California rolls, haha.. Luckily we didn't order two sets, because of the huge portion.

They're also okay with you sharing, we didn't get any weird stares from them (Read: CHILLI's), although they did look at us, "Only one set?" Dude.. Nvm that. Service is relatively faster than our KTM train (I'm just exaggerating :p) They were really fast in terms of service. Okay for friendliness. Music a but too loud, we had to raise our voice to talk. haha.

Oh yeah, the menu wasn't user friendly at all. LOL.

Ambience- 7
Service- 8.5/10
Value for money- 9/10
Pricing- 7.5/10
Taste- 9/10

What do you mean this is not Blue Cheese?

Do you know our food was actually cooked by a RAT? Well, no.. haha... it's just that we went for Ratatouille after our scrumptious lunch. Enjoyable, cute.. It's kinda cute.. But rats, and food. GROSS. I think our DU's The Ship's food is cooked by rats. You should see the "wonderful" back alley. You would never want to eat there. Ew.. haha..

Next (next :p) update: NKFM.

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Hahahhaa... we both had a good laugh at this posting! :) Ruby sends her warmest regards to both of you. See ya next week! Am back in KL but still in honeymoon mood :)


Ah, glad to hear that. See ya Hardip. Send my regards to her too. :p


That is not a dragon. That's a centipede. -sweat-


centipede eh? haha.


Pls let me know if u wanna use my pic... MUST pay 1, u know???

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