Aug 17, 2007

Just another post. My 80th post.

It's 1:16 am. I'm procrastinating since 5:30 pm, and I only left my computer to go for supper at Aman Suria. So here I am, once again, posting an entry, not just any entry, it's my 80th post. So hear me out. :p

What I'm going to talk, or write (lol), will be something bigger than me, something that represents, wait, something that doesn't represents me, but as a whole, like a true Humanistic philosopher would say, the sum or whole is bigger than it's parts. Anyway, my point is, what I'm going to talk about is... f.r.i.e.n.d.s.t.e.r. I'm not trying to be like Fergie, I don't really like Spelling Bee. Yes, Friendster. Yes, it's the same thing everyone is trying to repeat, it's over-used, it's over-rated, it's LAME.

What about Friendster? Hmm.. Well, you want to know a secret? I use Friendster to check my horoscope. :p hahaha. You didn't expect that?

Yes, I used to add people that adds me, or adds someone who knows my friend who knows my friend, and you know, that kind of thing. It promotes tribalism, and you know what? When you have like 500 friends, you get jealous? If you're not in that circle of friends, you feel left out? Oh yeah, I also realized that Friendster is a place to show/promote yourself. No sarcasm, or maybe yes... :p Do you like my new hair? Or, we're in this really cool party, and I looked pretty in the pic. Or, this is my new art, check it out (that would be me, coz I don't have nice pic to post, lol)

And you have this function where you actually view people secretly w/o them knowing. And we all know you're dying inside to know who viewed you. hahaha. And when people post some pics, you tend to check it out, and when it's controversial, or just "wow" or maybe "bleh", you spread the news around, "HEY CHECK IT OUT!" What's the point really?

Oh, another thing. Friendster is also a place for nude/really exposed pictures? Some Angie, or Amanda... inviting you to check out their nudes, it's just REALLY annoying. If you want to show, go put up your own classified, don't come to Friendster, but then again, it brings people in, because people "wants" to see it. The more friends you have, the better. The more interesting comments you get, the more popular you are. "Apparently".

Also, did you guys know, Malaysians are the majority user of Friendster? I bet cha kinda figured that out. I seem to have a grudge against Friendster. But hey, I still use it. Hypocrite, no? I guess I'm one.

Actually the "real" reason I posted, is because of my school friends. I realized I never kept in touch with majority of them. The occasional, hey... bye.. or something, but never going out yum cha-ing with them? Or movies? I wonder is there something wrong with me?

One will fly off to Medan to study Medicine soon. I know a lot of them are in Form 6, who are having their exams. Muet and stuff (which I don't understand, hehe), there's one in Sunway Coll, but only got to meet once, that was like way back. There are two in UTAR, but never meet up? Who else? Oh yeah, another one in Penang, Nurse training. And I bumped into my ex-classmate, on my way to KL Sentral (guess what? I don't remember her name, and neither did she?) She's currently in Mahsa Coll.

I some sort of know their whereabouts, but never really get to talk. Friendships are not easy. It's never easy. I guess, through Friendster sometimes, you can actually slowly search for them, their updates and stuff.. That's where it "comes in handy". hehe.

Here are my "friends". Looking back. It was a wonderful period of time, high school, no worries only schoolwork and exams. haha. Courtesy of Friendster. For those who are not inside, it's just I can't find your pics. :p no hard feelings...

Not very clear pics. But just wanna say, I MISS YOU GUYS ALOT.
The seniors, Leo Club (^ ^), 4/5SC2, the librarians, Schoolmates.... SBC la, in short! haha.

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Kar Yen

hey felicia... love your bloggie alot ler... hahaha.. nice picture too... yah.. miss old frenz alot.. and those time we had during schooling days... anyway.. do take care and keep in touch yea...

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