Nov 30, 2007

Have yourself a merry lil Christmas...

It's almost Christmas, and you're still feeling hot? It's okay, we understand you.

Come over to SS21/3- Damansara Uptown- for some seriously delicious, thirst-quenching Cendol Pulut!

Using the old "ice" machine. Like Phua Chu Kang's mother! :)

Kristina's cendol w/o cendol. *shakes head*

The real version. :p

One of my favourite songs, Have yourself a merry little Christmas, by DC.

1 spoken:


David Choi againnnn =P
When did you all go cendol? WUwuwuwuw.

And thanks for the JCO.

*Hugs Felicia like there's no tomorrow*


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