Nov 12, 2007

Ipoh is my (food!) sanctuary

Friday 9/11/2007 4:30 p.m.
To: Medan Gopeng, Ipoh

Greeted by the sunset as the bus reaches the Simpang Pulai toll...

Ah! Perfect...

Nice reflection on the lake...

Sat 10/11/2007 Dim Sum Breakfast at Tai Thong

Not as crowded as Yoke Fook Mun or Ming Court, or Foh San... The dim sum is not bad, really... With a more peaceful environment and air conditioned.

Of course, only a limited variety to choose from and you order by menu...

Hey, buy 3 free 1. haha..

Yikes.. Too hungry.. :p

Dinner time:

Location: Pasar Pinji, Jalan Raja Muda- Opposite the police station.

It looks like any other normal chinese shops.
Famous for their : Stew Pork Legs.

Tau Foo Far! Yippee.. :p

Unfortunately no more pork legs, but they gave us a few pieces. lol.

Stew "Tao Foo"- Every bite counts! Delicious..

What else if not our famous Ipoh chicken and bean sprout? Not as nice as the original one in "15 towers", but it's not too bad...

And also a few more side dishes. :p

Total: RM 19.00 (I know... it's really crazy! RM 19? I was shocked to know how cheap it was!)

Dessert+ Coffee:

Our new haunt: Black Canyon Coffee

With Jusco card: 10% off. I can still enjoy a good cuppa coffee without spending too much.
Of course, there's Ipoh White Coffee. :)

Note: All the photos are taken using my new Neonode phone's 2 mega pixel camera. Most of the pictures are original, and untouched. Only some that need some brightening/contrast adjustments. Not bad for a 3' size phone. :p

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