Nov 11, 2007

I like everything small. (rubbish!)

There could be some truth to that, but hey, I do not like everything small! Yes, I have 12.1" screen laptop, and that's about it. I seriously have a problem with lugging a 2 kg and above object around...

Ask my close friends, I have a fetish for big bags- reason: to stuff in chopped up human bodies. :p

Please do not get this wrong, LOL, but I guess I have a confession to make, and I take this opportunity to announce it here.

Parents: Ban this from your child, Readers: Fasten your seatbelt.

It's about... It's about time that I come clean... What I'm trying to say is... Gosh, you're making this hard for me. *arghh* Kidding!

Okay, cut the crap... I'm just doing a review on my new extraterrestrial object:

Top 3 Qs asked:

1) What is it? It doesn't even look like a phone!

Yup, it's pretty tiny.. About 3"? Mistaken as a toy instead of a phone.

2) How do you operate it? How do I make a call or sms?

Simple, it's a touchscreen. You tap on it.

3) Wow... How much is it?

It's about 439 euros which is about RM 2k? That's the market price, =p


Name: Neonode N2

MiniSD card (up to 32 GB)

User interface:
Neno user interface

MP3 Player (MP3, WMA, Wav), Calendar and Address book synchronized

Telephony: GSM Quad band 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands, GPRS


Bluetooth: OBEX, Headset, FTP profiles supported

LCD: 2,0” (176x220 pixels) color display. 65K colors

Stereo sound in headphones, Mono loudspeaker, Vibration engine

2 Mega pixel Fixed Focus Camera, Still pictures, Video play-back (MPEG, WMV)

47x77x14,7 mm (WxHxT)

Weight: Approx 60 grams

tap.. tap.. tap..

here's a tutorial on how to use it.
for the whole tutorial: CLICK

the E.T signature logo. I told you it's extraterrestrial! ;p

It's unbelievably small,
If you live for sms-es, then don't bother,
If you prefer it big, again don't bother.

It's kinda cool,
iPhone clone they call it,
But I'll stand by my Neonode N2,
And those who dare me,
Shall not live to see tomorrow.

I'm being weird right now,
Writing a poem that does not rhyme,
Since I'm running out of time,
I shall continue rhyming,
Its good for the ears, crisp sounds, equally charming.

Like they say, good things comes in small packages,
I like to swipe its edges,
And take lots of pictures,
Till the battery loses its juices (?)
I charge it all night long
Till it goes running all day long..

3 spoken:


small, sleeky, sensitive.
and i mean super sensitive...
kekek..esp when capturing photos.


Wow, iPhone and HTC competitor. When this thingy will be available in M'sia?


jade: suddenly i feel like you're talking about me. well, except the small part. :p

neo: this year? next year? the billboard was up though- although it was taken down shortly after a while in SS2.

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