Nov 7, 2007

Chronicle Of Our Trip.

Field Trips are always fun! And this time, we're off to the launch of the book, Chronicle of Malaysia at Mandarin Oriental Hotel... Before you think it's all glamour, let me remind you:

1) When it's a class trip, you travel by public transportation...
2) Yes, in your formal attire, complete with "high heels" (YIKES!)
3) No, it's not fun to walk in those (Who the hell invented heels anyways?)

So here you go, the Chronicle of Our Trip... :p *tsk* *tsk*

This bus trip was fun really, although we stood all the way to KL Sentral, we were entertained by none other than our very own magician, Seb!

Open your eyes! Watch him do his trick!

Shuffling the cards.... Eyes still wide open?

Abracadabra? Poof Poof!

Never cease to amaze us... haha...

My entourage at KL Sentral... :)

Looking through the LRT... Gloomy day...

We're here! The Grand Ballroom!

The Chronicle of Malaysia... launched also in conjunction with the 50th year of independence...
For more info go here: Click!

Look who's sitting in front of us?!?
*shrieks* Shalin Zulkifli! Our very own national bowler!

We decided to have a lil fun! Jamie having her picture taken "with" Shalin.. haha..
Truth is, we were too shy to ask her for a photograph, and it was inappropriate to do so.. lol..

Since our dear beloved PM didn't make it (disappointed!), Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting, our Minister of Housing & Local Government came on his behalf. It was kinda cool because we got to shake hands with him.

Why this picture? It's our dear lecturer, Mr. P.C. Shivadas. He was in the book's editorial committee. A lil cheer from us at the back, and by the end, everyone was mocking him of his so-called "fan club".. Hehe.. Lil cheer is an understatement, btw. :p

There's Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar, Chairman of the Editorial Committee, also former IGP, and Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting.

Paparazzi style: Datuk Seri Ling Liong Sik who also attended the launch.

Of course, there were some refreshment provided.... *glees with happiness* - of course, I'm for the pictures. haha..

There's Murtabak, Karipap, erm... Nasi Impit...

And desserts...

Mr Shivadas and I. :)

Field Trips are fun. But not post-field trips, because we have to write a two- page feature about the launch. =_=!!

We went to KLCC afterwards and watched Stardust and you know what?It was superb! Go watch it! Full of wits and sarcasm! I love it!!! :)

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