Mar 10, 2009

for the women of the world

this one goes out to the multi-taskers who think and fight, and cook, invent, and manage and forgive and love.

to mothers, daughters, wife, cousins, nieces, good friends, cooks, designers, volunteers, prime ministers, politicians, corporate iron ladies, pilots, engineers, doctors, writers, singers, to those who challenge the status quo.

my family: my grandmothers, mum, aunts, cousins, my girl friends, inspiring women on earth: Saint Joan of Arc, Jane Austen, the late Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, the late Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Condoleezza Rice, to those who has done good, in one way or another, showed compassion and presented themselves with full of grace.

to our gentle mother nature.

Yes, let's have a belated celebration!

We stand shoulder to shoulder.

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