Mar 18, 2009

if i were a boy

A lighter post. This has nothing to do with the song, just wishful thinking, "Why is that only guys are given the privilege to sweep girls off their feet (most of the time)?"

You think about "Will you marry me?" proposals, Valentine's, romantic getaway, opening doors, jacket over puddle, okay, you get the drift.

The whole idea just screams, "Of course, a guy should do all the above!"What a bummer. I like the action part, the part where you go, Where is the best place to propose to her (him)?

Like in Friends when Phoebe accidentally exposed her fiance, Mike, when he was about to propose every single time, the ring in the desert, the proposal on the LED screen during the Knicks' game.

It just proves that guys do run out of creative ideas, and most of them don't know this; the best proposal is always the kneeling down and saying those four words, when they least expect it. *shrugs*

Since we're on the Phoebe topic, I can't help but laugh silently since I can't laugh out loud when I remembered when she changed her name into "Princess Consuela Bananahammock", and her husband retaliated by changing his name into "Crap Bag". Hah!

But seriously, tell me your favorite proposal- real life and also on screen? :)



Mrs. Cris is planning to go pilot-husband-search so if you are one, look for her here this Sunday with a ring in a hot air balloon- like maybe fly her somewhere, preferably Spain, or South America.


I just saw this online and fell in love with this idea. Or maybe have an engagement party too! I wonder how many said their "I do(s)" in front of the biggest and grandest Christmas tree in the world? It's so Home Alone. And *snaps* our honeymoon here, in the enigmatic Lost City of Incas (so they say), and stay in the best hotel, as we slowly sip our Moet Chandon with fondue strawberry.

For other potential special occasions' venues: 20 best views in the world.

now you wouldn't want this to happen.

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