Mar 20, 2009

lemon's morning mental delights

Starting today onwards, I hereby add another zesty and quirky nick to my already fabulous "Uptown life", and I shall be known as Lemon, a bright yellow fruit with sour taste that grows on trees in warm countries. So, so apt. Thank you sheep-pie!

Ah, and yes, a very good morning to you and you and you. I just realized those endorphins are no joke, may be passed off as "hyper", but what a good day to start. I'm just extra chirpy, so deal with it.

It's refreshing to open up my twitter page and check out what people are up to.

On the other side of the globe, Kina and David are driving down to San Diego for a gig, while John Mayer thinks out loud about 2 hours ago: 20s: coming into who you are. 30s: coming into who you are being. So true. so true. And Wes is enjoying SF Chinatown.

Okay, before anyone thinks I'm a potential stalker, I better stop here.

TGIF today! Looking forward to Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Feels like Heaven but short lived; the irony of it. So, I'm charged up to bring my goal setting to a new level- the power of visualization. Sounds yummy, really. Prolly when I'm done with it, I'll show you.

Mae-Tisbury Lane


That's all she wants to know.

Bubbye! I'll catch up with you on the other side (of the week). :)

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