Mar 29, 2008

Colbie Caillat Showcase In Malaysia @ Laundry, The Curve

sorry for the late update.

14th March 2008.

the crowd and the stage.

Emcees of the night: Natalie and Adam C.

It started raining shortly at about 8-ish when it's supposed to start. Most of us ran for shelter. Kris and I had dinner, and came back an hour later.

guess what? the show hasn't started yet. phew. :p

skip unnecessary part- right to the show.
larger than life: i never thought i would be able to watch her live!
i can't even remember all the songs she sang, i do remember a few, namely, The Little Things, Bubbly, Magic, Realize, Battle...

The contest winner, Preema gets to go up on stage to sing. You go girl!

I can't believe some people actually said: She's gonna ruin the song.

she did great actually!

I think this is when she sang Bubbly. I love this song since I heard it on youtube and I knew I had to learn to play the song. although it's kinda overplayed on Mix Fm nowadays.

note: they should play other songs on her album!

One of my favourites: Realize. I adore the mv.
and btw, the (justin young) ukelele sounds awesome! (smaller version of a guitar)

i like this shot. you can see the whole band. drummer: michael baker, guitarist: Justin Young and Tim Fagan.

awesome set up. she has a talented bunch of musicians to back her up + Jason Reeves who co-wrote most of her songs.

warm smile. like sweet honey flowing over rocks, just like the way describes her songs.

Side note:
Photography by yours truly.
No flash was used to maintain the original lightings and feel of the event.
Shot using a Canon 400D.
Click on the pictures to view the enlarged version.

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Tak jual mahal k!
I didn't sleep today.
It's 10.19 and I'm still awake since yesterday.


yours truly fel

chingy: sometimes you have to take time off to de-stress. That's what college life is about! :) i don't sound like myself, for once. haha!

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