Mar 27, 2008

i hate my blog's layout.

just a quickie update.

i'm starting to hate my blog. the colours' off. shitty layout. blerggh.

i'm not keeping track, but according to yelena and ryan, internship ends in 6 weeks time. if you just realise what i've just realised, then we both know that time flies. weeee.... i'm so crazy for colbie. lol. sorry. that was totally random.

i'm back to dreaming. fairytales and all. i can't put a face to it. i think it's has been like this- since like 1/2 a year ago. it's that long. wow. it was fun while it lasted.
but i'd like to have a shoulder to lean on.

today i let my emotions out. this girl can cry, hell yes!
it's an ability to cry. and it shan't be misinterpreted as weakness.
i tell myself, if i want to love, it would be deep.
it would be unconditional. full of passion. and respect.
something along those lines. i want to love like that.

i'm exposing myself too much. :x peace out. good night peeps.

2 spoken:


yes, love shouldn't be mediocre :)


Fuhfuh,, your header terkeluar. Hahaha.

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