Mar 7, 2008

week 3.

3rd week of internship is coming to the end. just on wednesday, time just flew by without notice. but you know when they say, when you pause and start counting, that's when time starts to crawl. it challenges my impatient nature.

surprise. surprise. I got my "first" paycheck yesterday (I did waitressing before, so this is not the first time). Those were the days (first semester), my dad laughed at me, mocking me for doing cheap labour. hmmph. but he has a point.

I can just hear him, mockingly say now: I told you so. :'(

so, this week wasn't all work and no play. at least that's what i think la. had a balance, chilling tété-a-tété session with my friends- sharing and laughing over funny. and non-funny stuffs about work. It's almost like we're 60 year olds reminising over college days- and how much we miss them. Dang. So much for wanting to grow up- no more thirty, flirty and thriving. I want to stay in school forever. haha.

and so much for knowing what you want in life, what to do, where to go, what's next? in the end, you and I make stupid assumptions- i want to be a doctor-lawyer ambitions, and you wouldn't even know what will hit you in the head when you face crossroads.

what i've seen in the real world in these 3 short weeks? loads insensitivity, indecisiveness, most of all, lack of passion. dead zero. nada.

probably we all started with full of passion, on the charge, but we lose it along the way. it's really amusing, scary- when i hop on the bus to work- i see zombies. working people who are "stucked" in a routine. playing and rewinding, but never fowarding.

fatigue-looking eyes, expressionless face- i tried to reason with my dad- insisted into going into something that's RAT RACE written all over it- and when I see it for myself- I'm flabbergasted.

Almost disgusted, in fact.

Am I too late? Am I turning into that? Where am I going? *gulps*

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ever the other day when I was ranting, my friend just looked at me, reminding me that I've only been working 3 weeks.

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