Mar 7, 2008

a need to get laid. i'll pass.

a guy friend told me: you need to get laid.
he meant well, i take it that way.

you can't blame him when he gave you an option of polite or rude way of getting his message across. I chose the latter.
point taken. and now let me rebuttal.

1) i don't have the time to think about it.

as lame as that sound, i don't think i can focus on too many things apart from making a mark and conquering the world. any sane person would agree to that?

2) tell me just one reason why i should?

i'm 20. pretty pathetic to admit that i haven't been in a relationship yet in accordance to the society norms or whatever you call it. and yet. i don't really care unless provoked. of course.

3) i'm used to being alone, believe it or not.

almost 20 years alone- no siblings, i get loads of privacy, i enjoy me-time, i'm no where near dependent. not that i'm
claustrophobic to the extreme nor do i have commitment problems.

4) when they say "you'll know whether he's the one?"

i sort-of agree to it. i haven't really met someone that totally blows me away. i have very simple requirements. yeah. no one is perfect. but don't tell me, no one is average. i don't go for extremes unfortunately. i have yet to find something in the middle that just fits perfectly. okay, that may sound wrong. :x haha.

oh yeah, btw, in my book, sex is never the cornerstone in a relationship.

we eat to live. but we don't live to eat.
same concept. *shrugs*

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Good point! XD

Më| §zë

So totally agree...


Very well said. Go conquer the world and enjoy yourself. =)

Devil in Disguise

Wat the fuck is wrong wif ur fren? so what if ur 20 n havent been in a relationship? life is nt all about those stuffs k..n plz..its nt that ur 40, single n havent get laid...u have all the time in da world man..screw the bugger whom told u tat...damn it!


chingy: good point to who exactly? LOL. :p

meisze: *nods* (runs to hide)

anony: haha. yup, i shall do just that. :)

devil: emo-nya. but you have a point there. I'm not a 40 year old maid! haha. too late to get angry.. I just can burst out laughing now- my friends have bigger reaction! :D


OMG ditto, and thank you very much!

Gurl, I'm 21 AND haven't been in a relationship. But I have no problem with that, none at all. ;)

yours truly fel

jazzy*pam: ^5 gurl! :)


20 oni nid to rush.. if u rush will make it even worse.. X'D

though u can start worry when ur 45 or 50.. n_n"

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