Mar 25, 2008

food for thought

today's paper says: the ministry will have their very own blog up soon
i'm thinking: and these are the same people who came out with terms like "goblok(g)" *stupid in javanese i think, and calling bloggers cowards. period. Go BLOG!

April 24 D-day for women to renounce her faith- Siti Fatimah, a muslim chinese seeks to renounce her faith after her Iraninan husband left.
i'm thinking: now i realize we shouldn't just assume the name, Siti Fatimah belongs only to woman with headscarf. speaking of don't judge a book by its cover.

in other news:

Hardline Indonesian cleric, Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (buasir?) insults tourists (women esp) calling them maggots because they're "naked".
i'm thinking: does he know how freaking hot is it in Bali, esp in January? And what do you expect women to wear a bubble jacket to cover up? most foreigners are there for a tan anyways. Lastly, er... what has maggots got to do with "naked" tourists? tak bisa begitu tuan.

Rae found dead. "Just like a star" singer Corrine Bailey Rae's husband, Jason Rae was found dead of a suspected drug overdose.
i'm thinking: too much drug abuse deaths and sex scandals this year. i simply lost count...

China labelled Dalai Lama a "hijacker"
i'm thinking: i can imagine this on a movie poster- Dalai Lama Vs. Dalai Baru: Free Tibet!*
on a serious note, what is happening to the world, really?

*direct translation Lama= old (eng) Baru=New (eng)

Conan, the praying temple dog in Okinawa attracts visitors.
i'm thinking: simply mimicking the monks to get dog food, but hey, it works. and it attract more people to come and pray besides checking out the dog? Now I can say, even dogs can go to heaven!

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