Mar 25, 2008

as we were strolling by....

yna was lamenting how surprised she is to see fresh juice stall at the SS2 night market besides the crowds' usual favorite bubble tea.

i knew somehow health is back in trend.

everyone speaks the health language. like the current chain sms forwarded thru and fro about drinking water from the plastic bottle can cause breast cancer. health is such a big issue, so much so, everyone is basically a health "minister" or preacher.

but what we saw at the night market monday was a mind blowing experience! rofl. this was going to be a picture perfect moment a.k.a. good blogging material. heh.

Original Space Bottle. (look at the description below)

Virtually unbreakable! lmao.

side note: it totally pawned the titbits signboard!

4 spoken:

Më| §zë

eh eh ... testimonial for the virtually unbreakable space bottle...

i dropped mine from the second floor of my house, filled full with water, and it didn't even crack... :)


Woah; means it IS virtually unbreakable!



yours truly fel

meisze: haha. testimonial. lol

chingy: haha. pasar malam. the good old days right? :p


Allow me to virtually laugh out loud. I think 'virtually' is actually kinda fetch. I virtually think so. Jajajaja. Let's get one of those bottles, virtually!

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