Apr 7, 2007

Going back to where you were before.

I've always end up blogging when I'm in a really bad mood or I may have just got so inspired by something... And I've always think that I write crap, really. I'm so into writing, but as I am typing, I don't see the "writer" in me. Self esteem problem here, I know. haha.

Okay, so my so-called next crap today, was inspired from alot of stuff, and recently reignited by this movie The Sotongz and I went and watch, Meet the Robinson. Imagine yourself, an orphan, nobody wants you, and you know, the only person who would accept you is your own mother, and 'coincidently", you are hella of a genius, and you set out on a mission to create a memory scanner, to remember your mother and find her. Then someone ruined your memory scanner and brought it back to the future. A stranger who helps you, telling you to fix your device, and brought you to the future using his erm.. time machine...Well..... bla bla bla... Let's get to the point... Have you guys ever thought of going back to where you were before, probably a moment you want to fix because you messed it up, or that moment is the happiest, and you just want to go back and stay there? Or you guys thought of going to the future, to see what will you become? A director? The CEO of your own company? Or just some normal human being whose trying to live life normally?

Let me give you another situation, an example. Based on this drama: Which Star are you from?

This is Lee Hye Su

This is Kim Bok Sil
Beautiful love story about this girl (Lee Hye Su) who passed away in a car accident, her bf, lived. This bf, a movie director, went back to Korea, was very depressed originally, got an offer to do a music video at a mountain area. And came out of no where, this country girl, Kim Bok Sil who looks exactly like Hye Su. He was shocked to see her of course. Of how two different people, with the same face, but of course different personality all together. By "fate" (only in K-drama, I think), she ended up working with him. Simple minded girl, she taught him about life, about little things that didn't matter. The most important thing, she brought back the meaning of life for him. He must still be overshadowed by the death of his dead gf, and it happens that way, that Bok Sil has to look like her, he is drawn towards her, and soon... it became well, love. Ya da ya da... The end. You have to watch it to know the story. lolz.
You see, in this drama... It happens in a way of serendipity, that somehow fatum as the greek says, now also known as fate or destiny, that people are given second chances, it always comes in an odd way, but when something is meant to happen, it will. You see, I see... That I'm getting no where. lolz. Well, you just have to have faith. You might not, well, mostly a zero percent chance to turn back time or fast forward, but do have faith, not on whether it's gonna happen, but have faith in the present, have that kind of faith that will lead you to where you want to be, not dwell in unhappiness or beat yourself up for what you might have screwed up. Don't erase those mistakes, take it, embrace it as a learning point. You can keep it and be haunted by those memories, but then why not do it the other way? It's your choice.
There will be obstacles... In coming in the future, or for some of us, everyday, we're battling them. For some of us, who maybe has abit of luck, well, count your blessings, and bless others as well. Life might be a bed of roses, nice to look at, but remember those thorns underneath. And for those who think lowly of life, well, life is like a vaccum cleaner, it sucks! You just have to learn how to find the switch, and turn it off!
Like I mentioned this earlier, if a door closes, a window shall open, or you can just break a door. Hey, sometimes rules are meant to be broken, if you did it at the right time.

Okay. Dinner is calling. I shall leave my readers to ponder. I wonder why my posts always sounds so preachy.. Sigh.. Am I good or what? lolz.. haha... This is kang dong nim Felicia. ^^

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meet the robinsons~~quite a nice movie ^^
i wish i can turn back time also...sigh~~ but what u said is absolutely correct...gona accept what i am now n look forward...
future is the reflection of past, rite?

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