Apr 21, 2007

Taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers. Malaysian taxi drivers are one of the worst. I had it with them.
What Malaysian taxi drivers do to make me so angry? Let me tell you why.

1) Harassment

Well, I'm not trying to say they sexually harassed me or anything, but it happened before, and it's really sad to hear all this cases happening. Have you ever been on a taxi, when they start concentrating on you instead of the road? When they start staring you down, on your body? Asking questions, which we would politely answer, when you go overboard, obviously, the answers are getting shorter, and please take a cue, por favor! I personally don't mind if they ask questions about which college are we're studying in, or about generals stuff, like the weather or the traffic.. What bugs me is that they ask you stuff like, Are you a Hongkie? or something that's so random, You look like a HK star! *coughs* Please, no offense, I just want to get to my destination, and there is simply no need for oh-so-fake compliments. Just a word thank you, and a smile would be very nice already.

2) Cursing (Read: Rude!)

It wouldn't hurt if you're being nice at your passengers. There might be a jam where your passengers want to go, you shouldn't be scolding us, "Aiyoh, jam la.. Itu tak nampak ke? Macam mana pergi? Suruh saya pusing kiri pulak, *%#@^#*&$#%#@!" It would be lovely, if you could just suggest another way, so that you wouldn't be caught in the jam or something like that. You see, it's not our problem if there's a jam, we would be more than happy to agree to your suggestions. Besides, temper only causes you high blood pressure, the money you get from us, is just going into your medical bill. You don't gain much from that? So, try and be nicer, you can save up your medical bills, and hey, maybe a few dollars of tips from a happy, satisfied passenger. It's a win-win situation, eh?

3) Cheating (Note: Do not think passengers are stupid!)

I know, and been through so many taxi drivers, who's out there trying to earn a few more bucks. By taking a big round, purposely miss a turn, get into a jam, or roads that has more traffic lights. I remember this very clearly, this driver was so into my friend who's sitting infront, and was on the phone. I remember telling him (very clear instructions) to go 12 o clock at the roundabout. Guess what, he "missed" a turn, and the most stupidest remark he could come out with, is "Opps, miscommunication!" WTH? We're Mass Comm student and you're telling us that it was a miscommunication, where you could just pay attention to the instructions, instead looking, and eavesdropping on what my friend who's on the phone! Total sucker! Another encounter, was this taxi driver who's not only rude, but charged us extra 30cents! Don't blame me for being rude, but this is extortion! If your service WAS good, I don't mind giving you even an extra 50 cents, but this is too much!

I'm not saying all the taxi drivers are like that, but it's just so unbearable at times. I know they're just out there, trying to earn hard money and all, but if you do that onto your passengers, would you think the next time the trust is still there? You think you may get away, but in the end, don't you realize that you've ruined the image of taxi services? It is possible that people may not dare to take a taxi next time, and you lost a customer. It's sometimes, the little things that you do or don't do, that keeps the customers coming back for your service. Isn't that what you want?

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