Apr 22, 2007

Worth one post. At least. \ (^______________^) /

Woopee!!! I wasn't going to blog today. But something had to just be recorded down and to be kept somewhere, maybe the museum? lolz.. Anyways, before getting to the main point, let put in some fillers? ^^ Today was real fun, we went to KLCC to hang out. I just loveeeee Kinokuniya! haha..lolz... Erm.. oh, KLCC was great too! hehe.. We didn't get to see the fountain today, it usually starts around 7pm.. and we were back around 6.30pm? lolz. Sitting there, observing people, inspiration... I love the atmosphere! I just wished it was abit cooler, maybe 25 degrees? Then, it would be oh-so-perfect.
It is proven to me once again that this world is sooo small.. You can actually bump into someone.. well, Ian and his gf in Kinokuniya... How weird is that? Is it karma or something? lolz.. I promise I didn't talk behind his back? hahah.. Wookay...
Ah, I brought along a packet of Rocky which I bought from Jusco yesterday.. and it was the perfect snack for the three of us at Dome.. hehe.. Oh, yeah.. speaking of Dome.. cute lil berets.. I missed wearing them... Hmm.. Shall go get one.. preferably w/o the NS logo! hehehe....

I bought a red hair band from Lovely lace or was it Teddy Tales? hehe.. reminds me so much of Alfred! *kyooteee* Ooo.. and I had to buy this pair of earrings, because my last pair decided to come off! I bought this lil cute love shaped rhodium earrings. So tempted to get the star shaped though. Hah! No prizes for guessing! ;p

Oh, today is also very memorable, it marks the first time, our baby sotong has decided to be independent by actually taking the public transport! Yeah to that! ^___^ ;; Next time, be smart, get a car and drive us! hahaha... That's what I call independently smart! jajaja...

I finished reading the book, In Heaven as On Earth by Dr. M. Scott Peck. Very nicely written about his vision of afterlife. Detachments, moving on, temptations and faith are highlighted in this book. Great read. p/s: makes me think alot! it's a good sign ^^;; lolz.

Oh. Now is the moment all of us, young and old, the antis, the neutrals, the fans have all been waiting for... Let me quote a question asked during an interview recently in Japan to you-know-who-duhh! ^__^

[quote] - Which country do you hope to have one more concert again?
Rain: "Malaysia, because of religious factor. The ladies would have to use a cloth to cover their faces when they appear in public. So because of this I thought that there would not be much reaction. But when the concert started everyone got really excited and passionate, it was a very happy concert."

You know what? It's very advisable for him to have another concert here, although it would be pretty much impossible now. But, I'm just glad Malaysia is mentioned. Indeed, in his perception that the ladies here wears a head scarf (Note to Bi: not on the face, only some), and to add on that the laws said that he could not take off his shirt, he must have a different perception. And to his surprise, the response was overwhelming, we're not *ahem* as conservative as people perceived, and indeed, it was a very very happy concert! Do not make assumptions just because of the culture and the laws. hehe... There goes the saying, Do not judge a book by its cover! haha...

To his upcoming concert in Japan... I would like to wish him.. コンセト の がんばって ピ!!!!


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