Apr 23, 2007

VT shooting rampage.

All hell break loose, in Virginia Tech, when an English major student, by the name of Cho Seung-Hui, 23, decided go nuts and shoot freely, causing at least 33 lives, a lot others injured. Described as a loner, a quiet person by the students in VT, no one predicted that he'll resort into doing it. No one knew? Clearly, he was depressed. Migrated from South Korea at the age of 8, somehow in the process, he might have gotten the blow, the trauma that hit him so much, any emotions or feelings that he kept for 15 years, has been released, and ended up in total tragedy. When I first read the news online, it came upon my mind, a question: What could have prevented it? It's funny, well, amusing, to see heated up forums, people from different races and cultures debating about him, mainly him being Asian, South Korean, and what he did is shameful and it caused shame to his own country. There are also people with opinions with, "Hey, what about the 33 lives? Hello?" All this caused a racist issue out of a sudden, and to me, it's really saddening. The South Korea government even set up a meeting, and came with an apology. Well, does that even matter now? He is, after all an "American" with a green card. Did the S.Korea gov apologized because to save their image? To do some damage control? To stop people from labeling them as "killers"? Or even communist?

I think it's wrong for people to react to it, I mean in this way. Being defensive, and start to pin point when a tragedy which has already happened, trying to watch out their own image or pride. They're just making it harder for Asian people staying in the states. Some Asians, as reported, told the press that they're actually getting stares on the street right after the incident. Hey! Since when they're responsible for it? Does that mean people with the same color skin, has something to do with the shooter? Come on, give me a break~ What's more weird, or whatever you can label it as, people actually set up anti clubs in Facebook(sth like Friendster), against the shooter. Just let it go, he's dead, you can't actually protest anything? Why not set up a war in Asian countries then? And people sharing the same name, or look, or birth date, has also been discriminated, insulted.

I find that really insulting, to finally realize how bad is racism in the world. I've always knew of it, it's happening everywhere, colored skin (the black, the asians majority) are being labeled unworthy, unwanted. Starting off in the US, the discriminations against black americans, the hispanic. In Africa, black people are not worthy and will always stay that way.In Asian countries, can I just start from Malaysia? A beautiful, multicultural country they say. Reflecting back on Gary's class on media criticism, have you seen, or do you realize alot of stuff the media actually portrayed in the papers, in the television? For example, Happy chinese family, having moments of their life, eating KFC. Beautiful malay girl in Sunsilk, a perfect family of four consists of parents, a daughter and a son. Don't see anything missing here? What about the indians? I'm not saying there's none, there are the occasional Petronas ads, which surprisingly disappeared this year, to my dismay. Are Malaysians not ready yet? Is this the mentality? Are indians, supposedly just to appear in papers, asking for donations? Is the discrimination outside there not enough, that we have to be conformed by what the media perceives reality to be, and we're just following their footsteps, and indirectly accepting racism here? In Malaysia? Enough that we're so screwed up by the unfairness of man-made laws, and now this? Tun Dr Mahathir came up with the "Dasar Aparteid" against the racism in Africa, but what's happening here now proves that we're not walking our talk. The generation of today might be mixing around with friends of different cultures or races, but what we don't realize, is the impact that the tragedy of 13th May has brought along, it might look like it has been resolved. You can see that the gov is trying their very best, implementing National Service. For those who think it's no difference from military boot camp, well, the whole idea of it is actually to close the gap among the races and cultures, so the tragedy of 13th May wouldn't repeat itself again. The mindsets of people varies, unfortunately..People would pay RM3000 just to get themselves away- well, it's called bribing. Corrupted as we are, this is actually happening. Why is that so hard? All for the good for nothing?

Enough about races discriminating against races. I'm not going to start on the topic of how even in that race itself, people start dividing, and putting themselves higher than the others. It's happening here, and also in India. A sad thing, really.

Thinking of migrating to Australia maybe, after listening to all these 'stories"? Think again.. Australia might be even worse, even New Zealand. Don't get me started on European countries, they're worse! Reminding of my own personal experience of being discriminated. Sigh..

I believe this topic, issue to be precise, will be an on-going topic, will never ever be resolved, it's something like hunger or poverty in the world. It really intrigues me anytime, without fail. Very interesting topic for debate, very sensitive as well... But I just love sensitive issues, after all, we face it every single day.

From a fellow Malaysian:

When I'm in the States, I'm a Malaysian, when I'm in New Zealand, I'm a Malaysian, When I'm in Malaysian, I'm an indian.

Victims being carried out.

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