Dec 23, 2008

blindfolded moment

two years of not celebrating my birthday with my friends got me into trouble. i should've known. but i was naive and only when i got into the car, they had me blindfolded, driving to random places like the bank(to withdraw money)- which i knew later. and making me walk in public places, although i was actually thankful because i can't see. the beauty of it.

okay, here's a moment where i had to stop to pose. (without knowing "hyper' greg who was behind me)

gosh. i love the speakers. "in love".

they get to check out random cute guys while making me beg.

After one hour of begging, and posing- statue of liberty etc, they gave me a cake.

that's kelly, sara, (me), sandra, kris, and beba.

jade came by as well. and thanks for the pressie.
you know me well, jedi jade. haha.

with pam.

with the girls and azian who also came.

oh, in case you're wondering. i made rm17.75.
Ka Ching! ;)

thanks for the birthday party. i love you peeps. and yes, thanks to beba and jade for the lovely pics. more on fb, and beba's flickr.

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