Dec 19, 2008

asian girls prefer white men. umm.

i was re-watching this. it's ancient, but i really ought to say something about this. my brains itch, i have to fix it. it's a fascination towards white men, like hey, we all (grew up with) love 911, BSB, Westlife! 98 Degrees (the list goes on and on forever, you know it). when a white dude actually stand before you, like OMG! right? seriously, i think that's usually the case with asians living in asia (that didn't sound right, nevermind). what more with asian-americans? *shrugs*

i think i'm pretty balanced when it comes to that. I grew up to love both kinds, asian and the white. like how we would all watch japanese and taiwanese, oh not to forget, korean dramas, and drool over boy bands. well, i love my asian men. if you watched that video (link above), you would've noticed some "asian" girls were lamenting about how asian men are so (sarcastically) feminine. Okay, no one likes a skinny dude (girl) with long hair. hey, is that johnny depp (over there)? *rolls eyes*

well, overall it's just a fraction, a minority, maybe 1 percent of the *imagine China's population* that claims we, asian women would fall (die) for a white dude anytime. well, no, they're not even close to a greek god; let's just settle for the inevitable attraction between a girl and guy, and let's not forget, a guy with a guy and a girl with a girl (come on, let's be fair, okay?). all in all, human beings are attracted to each other. full stop.

and afterall, all it takes is a good looks, mountain of confidence, great smile, that twink in the eye, and maybe some aphrodisiac; alcohol will do. you look gorgeous already!

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