Dec 19, 2008

you're so hot, teasing me

today's another day. last night, the caroling group came over to sing. oh, i didn't like the improvisation. hear this; you know the song "Feliz Navidad"? I guess I'm used it the old way, where you go pa ra pa pa... and instead of chicka bom chika chika bom. alright, it was awful. and to top it with a cherry, i'm having a really bad cough; yeah, i sound like a frog. croakk..

i've been messing around with hosting, and i don't really want to do this, but head over to i've always imagine something more hyper, like come on guys, i got my own domain, woohoo! but it's still WIP, and for now it's a temporary portfolio blog for me until i settle down with a hosting (God knows when). but do check it out, i'm sure you'll be entertained with the snowflakes, at least. i adore it!

christmas is less than a week, about 5 days, and wow, you do realize the year is actually coming to an end. gosh! unbelievable, i mean yesterday i was in diapers. ppft. bad joke. okay. moving on.

okay, i'm stumble-ing. and look what i found:

click to listen to alice in wonderland (pt. 1)
click for some shakespeare's sonnets.

who remembers prisoner of zenda from english literature? heh. listen.

and one of my fav from Oscar Wilde. Picture of Dorian Gray. Click. :)

okay, haha. hear this. i never thought of this, but do you realize whenever someone looks through the binoculars, you see two joined circles instead of one. only in the movies. Click.

this will end abruptly. er. now.

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