Dec 16, 2008

a million things can go wrong

credit: pic

yeah. naivety is one of the causes.
but today an angel came to my rescue.

credit: pic

i'm still a budak mentah at work,
which means naive kid;
besides, technical procedures isn't really my thing, you see.

BM: Yeah, I was wondering if I could get the airway bill from you?
Lady@Luft: What? Your agent asked you to do what?
BM: Get the airway bill from you?
Lady@Luft: Smart! You do know that it's their job and they're asking YOU to do it?
BM: Oh? I didn't know.
Lady@Luft: Give me the agent's number, and yours. I'll deal with her.
BM: Ok, thanks!

*** [5 mins later]

Agent: Hi Felicia! [very hyper]
BM: Yes?
Agent: Okay, so my drivers will come and pick both air/ship freight?
BM: So, everything is cleared?
Agent: Yes, but you need to fax me the invoice and packing list.
BM: Okay, your fax number, and attention to?
Agent: It's XXXXXXXX and Att to [insert name]
BM: Alright, I'll fax it to you, and you keep me updated.
Agent: Okay, thanks, and bye.

Wow, that agent must have had it from Lady@Luft (my angel).
Whatever it is, boy, am I glad or what?
Lesson learned and filed. Case close.

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