Dec 1, 2008

I've been a very lucky girl

No. That's absolutely bull. But, hey I can't complain, really. I think I've been watching too much of Channel E! that I'm stuck with 25 Stylish Celebrities, Weddings Dos & Don'ts even when I'm supposed to be working right now. And I think Keira Knightley's pixie hair is gorgeous and that is like eons away because she has had that hair since God knows when, but maybe I just have to much in my mind or not, thinking whether I should stick to having a short do. Am I even making sense?
"I'm a very lucky girl" Love that do, gotta love that accent!

Speaking of who's the lucky one, Britney looks sweet as ever on the latest issue of Glamour. And now you lose your doubt towards what makeup and lots of airbrushing and photoshop-ing can do for you. Dang, I have no doubt that it can bring the dead back alive. hmm..

But I'm not a Britney hater, as a matter of fact, I still adore her. Given her comeback, and acceptance of Bambi Awards for Best Comeback (whatever), I think it does proves that many people still root for her to succeed and likewise. Recent news, says that she throws up after her meals; they desperately needed to justify her weight loss of over 12.7kg last year. Gosh, here's to proving that she's more popular than ever. Bad publicity is still publicity, but really, LEAVE her ALONE! too shay.

Gosh, TGFI. Yes, thank God for the internet. Being in the workforce, contributing to the country's economy so to speak, isn't really the best thing because it sucks the life out of you. Not to mention, I have a non-existence life, and am in dire need to crawl out to civilization, pronto. I'm speaking like a diva, no? But seriously, I'm once again not being productive, day to day, and I'm turning into a dinosaur (not the size, the brains).

Good thing is, I'm writing again. Not that I'm not by blogging, I mean real writing (the characters, the scene, the emotions) I'm glad. I'm still pretty much a closet writer but I'm contemplating, okay, not exactly that, but actually I'm working towards getting closer to coming out with my dot com. So, watch out for that. I can't wait.


Okay, I'm not really considering. But I'm glad a few of my college mates will be going over, and I get a free place to stay if I go over to Melbourne. Hah. xD But it would be super fun I know, but I think this is it. You know do the thing, the spread your wings and fly high! One of the main reasons on why I chose that and not this. But we should get together, REAL soon!

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