Dec 5, 2008

toilet seat up?

Okay, I have a confession to make. Sorry ladies, but I do leave the toilet seat up, and I simply cannot comprehend why I do that. When I did my internship, there were more men in the office, so it's actually natural for me to put the seat up when I'm done. And now that I'm working in an office where there are only three ladies including yours truly, I do the same thing.

It's just natural for me, and funny thing is I do that at home too in my own personal bathroom. And the best part is, I don't seem to find it a hassle to do that; I mean come on, ladies, how many times you reminded the opposite sex to put the seat DOWN before you actually gave up, and just bear in mind that they're just plain hopeless?

You might as well just chain it down, like seriously, but for me, I don't mind doing the "put-the-seats-up" routine, simply because I think they mess up the seats anyways, so if you just do your part, you get a clean seat when you need them. (read: no urine or hair in sight!) It's really a win-win situation, and there's no point screaming your pretty heads off every time they leave the seats up.

I wonder, am I normal or what? I begin to think I'm not.

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