Dec 4, 2008

Doc Martin a must-watch!

Now, I don't know whether it's my fascination towards British*coughs* accent *coughs* comedy but I simply look forward towards catching this Brit-drama every Wednesday night on Hallmark channel. Doc Martin, is well, about a doctor who is socially challenged (no, he's not retarded or anything), he's simply "mean", or find hard to express himself. And what's so fascinating about that?

Well, I think by the 3rd episode, you may find yourself rooting for him, like in the case of pursuing his leading lady whom you might just think she might have knocked herself over something to find Martin attractive at all. But, he's got his charm; one thing I've read in Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson is that you may find British people has a dry sense of humour; I think it reflects that perfectly well in Doc Martin, in which I found funny, in irony. I mean the straight face and all, how could you not laugh at that?

Good read, I find it amusing that even as an "American-living-in-the-UK-still-feels-like-a-tourist Bryson" has a knack in telling his own experience travelling around the UK. Often I find it hard to continue reading when I stop somewhere, but I can still pick this book anywhere in the middle, beginning, and continue from there.

Doc Martin airs every Wednesday on the Hallmark Channel-702 at 9 p.m. (Malaysia- Astro)

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