Dec 4, 2008

dear sir richard branson

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Great. i (actually) browsed through 139 pages on Twitter to find my name. And I missed it. I found I was a follower before President-elect Barack Obama, Roger Hamilton and even Sir Richard's own company, Virgindotcom. I was so close!

Anyways, Congrats to 2000th follower Jademayari for winning the autographed poster above. For those of you who don't know yet, I'm a huge admirer of this great entrepreneur and do check out his blog here. Amazing person; this is the only person I know who believes that sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities, I think for him, space would be more appropriate. It's definitely my dream to meet him in person; perhaps able to work with him, one day.

I would recommend you to get "Losing My Virginity" by Sir Richard Branson. It's an eye opener, I swear the book is a page turner, it tells of his story on his personal as well as career life; how he built Virgin. I don't think one could put down this book without feeling inspired, and it shows that he's a living proof on earth that, "Nothing is really impossible". I say, it's a good book to start the new year.

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