Feb 2, 2007

Valentine's post.

Hah. Must be on blogging mode again. Not. I had to blog on the concert and now the valentine's. It doesn't go together, that's why. haha. Am so enjoying the post-concert blog though. It was real fun. Anyways. back to my point. The reason I'm blogging about this, is not for those How to? thingie. It's about something more important, something bigger than me. It's about my heart. Lame. Just joking, really.

Anyways.. Valentine's Day. A day where you appreciate your love, buy em chocolates, or receive em, go on dates, put on your "love is in the air" cap on.. lallalalallala... watever. For some reasons, I don't really get the hype on Valentine's. What is so great about it anyway? It's already like Valentine's where you see couple stick to each other like fly on a flytrap - opposites attract! hah! chocolates. great for stress, but for valentine's, it makes you fat! haha.. More like a gimmick, for people to earn money from you, sucker! I know, I do sound like a saddist, trying to make you singles out there including myself feel better because we don't have a date for Valentine's right? Not. I don't believe in rushing your heart. I was just watching Driving Lessons the other day, and I just wanna quote this: Don't rush your heart, it was the biggest mistake I've made. Unquote.

Don't you think it's true. There's no more fun when you have a bf/gf, just for the sake of having one, just when you feel like having one when all your friends have one. What for? I mean I know it's so nice to have someone there right? Someone to make you feel alright when the world comes crumbling down. Sounds like I copy and paste frm a song right? haha. But you see, it's not that simple as you can see.. Having someone is not just taking.. You give and take in relationships. And the reason you don't have one, is probably because you are simply not ready. I do not believe in that once, but now I really do. When you can have great friendship, why getting yourself into serious, twisted relationship? When you can have fun, breath life, why think of what to get your date a Valentine's gift?

And on Valentine's, please don't lock yourself in your room, thinking it will be okay, after you sleep the whole day waiting for the 15th. It doesn't work that way. 14th of Feb is just another day. and it might be a great day for you, to read a good book, explore something new or just go out with single friends and have all the fun!

Hah! I actually wrote that all out in one breath! Serious. No joke. Anyways.. I leave you with one of my fav picture.. hehe...

Don't rush your heart. It will be one of the biggest mistake you will make in life.

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Girl, do you even HAVE to have this post?

*Call the ambulance! I need a panadol. lol*

My head is telling, "Fool, forget him", my heart is telling, "Don't let go".

I just wanna skip 14th of Feb. I'm gonna sleep from the 13th. I'll wake up on the 15th. That's my plan. Ready to go! But I just remembered that we had make a pact that we have to exchange gifts on the 14th, so I couldn't afford to miss the 14th! jajajaj!!!

Cupid will save a special arrow for you and me and him and all of other singles out there!


Now i remember the gift! hah! Thanks for the reminder. ^^ Oh no, who's name I got? lolz.

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