Feb 1, 2007

Rain fever. Post-Concert syndrome!

The pictures say it all right? I guess I should leave it as it is? Nah! haha.. Ok.. Let me explain a bit. Wait! Chotto matte! *changes playlist to Bi songs* ok..that's better.. ^^

I went to for airport reception as you can see, that's our banner there! Rain-Malaysia. ^^It was really cool, it's like weird, the feeling is surreal, coz I'm actually meeting him, my idol, two years, and now in person. At around 11pm, he walked out.. Wearing a grey sweater with a Marc Jacobs tshirt inside, he was all smiley and waving to us. He came out of the VIP arrival area and headed straight outside, to his BMW, 7 series.. *even got the car number plate* lolz. He went off. That was it. But I managed to go to Nikko Hotel where he stayed, later, to send a friend from HK. But I did not see him, he probably went off for rehearsal that night, and sources says he only came back around 3am. Sigh. Such dedication. ^^

Anyways, the concert day. Went out of the house at 6.40am. i know it's really early. hah. I went to Stadium Putra, then to Nikko Hotel, and then back at the stadium. His press conf went well I think, his pic.. he was smiling! -commented that he is surprised by the fans at the airport and that malaysian girl are pretty! heheh. At around 7pm, we went in the concert hall, you can see the picture I took, the concert is full house at around 8pm. 10,200 screaming fans!!!! A submarine submerged, and BAM! he's on stage.. first song, it's raining! I can hear myself and the 0ther remaining 10000 fans singing along! Then it's Touch Ya! Liar (Aksu), he used this crystal mic stand, and crystal mic (gift frm hk fans). Then it was chindorago. Don't Stop was next. Cool song, I really love this one! Then he sang Na, song frm his 1st album. Then he went on with Nappun Namja (bad guy), he can ballroom dance as well! Cool! Then he went on singing a few songs... Okay this is the cool part... He was like the next song I wanna sing is for everyone. He then whispers I do.. I do.. We screamed of coz.. This is one of fav song. He also sang In my Bed. Great vocals. Nan, as you can see, he's supposed to take off his shirt, but due to the Malaysian Laws, he kept it on. But he's still sexy and did not tone the scream down. Most probably all the fans were like take it off!!!!! haha... I didn't I swear. haha.
I love I'm Coming, his left arm is partly recovered I think, but he did hold his arm for a while. With you was great.. he wore his bright orange bubble jacket which is really nice... He sang Not a single day.. it was nice.. Then he said, the concert is ended! We were like NOOOO....
He cheekily smiled, and told us that there's 2 more songs. I was feeling abit sad, coz I know it's gonna end. sigh... hehe.. He went on singing Friends.. The wings effect is really cool! Then the last song, Annyeongiran Maldaeshin! Encore! In his red outfit, he look awesome!!! We stood up, jumping, singing along with him! He and his dancers bowed and that was the end of a beautiful, state of the art concert!

He went back on the 28th night. I didn't go, but managed to get pictures from my friend. He was in his "cool-look" mode on, with sunglasses, only waved twice before going down the escalator. He did leave a message for the fans, that he enjoyed his concert here and hope to come back. By far, Malaysia's was the best concert for him... I think if compared to S'pore (DUH!).. He did lotsa stuff with us, like the "We will rock you" steps, and saying something random like I love your face, I love your heart, I love your body! lolz.. That was random alright...

And now, latest update, he's back on filming a new CF... Some dubbed him as Superman Jeong!

You see? haha...

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