Jan 11, 2007

Ah. Backtracked.

Hey peeps! How ya'll doing? lolz. Okay. Abit too hyper. Should be because of the indo mee I had just now at the mamak stall.

Well. This post. A bit, slightly backtracked. hehe. Well. I blame it on the earthquake in Taiwan which causes the internet connection to be down and I can't blog so yeah, and in the process I totally forgot about it.

Well. It's about our little trip to Bahau, Negri Sembilan for our movie shooting. We could have did our shooting at A Famosa but then again, to think.. our actors, and the place wasn't what we want in the movie, so we chose a far far away place which is Bahau. The place was beautiful, but the journey wasn't, haha. So, the ambience was perfect, everything is cool. We got ourselves a little bungalow on the hill top, and no Jack and Jill did not tumble down, lolz. okay, moving on...
The place was beautiful, and eerie enough to pull off a haunted feel to our movie especially at night. The place did a job well done, to wake me up in the middle of the night. I can still feel the wind blowing hard, the dogs barking, the eerie feeling of the place. Heheh. I guess I was too into getting the place feeling all eerie. hehe.

So, anyways. My main point of the blog is the pictures during our journey there. Hehe. I slept all the way from KL- Seremban, so I did not sleep on the trip to Bahau from Seremban. That's when I started taking pictures in the bus and the surroundings with my low pixel-ed video cam, haha. So here ya go.

See how poor the condition the bus is? lolz.

Beba and Kris' sleeping.... ^^

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