Feb 12, 2007

Declaring a war on politics.

I had enough of this crap. First of all, it is not fun. Second of all, it is not FUN! I have the feeling you do see this coming, right? lolz.
Politics. Why does everyone has to play mind games, why want to manipulate others, why create unnecessary tension and make everyone go nuts? What good do you get? So that you get to get more people at your side, supporting you, having everyone hanging on every words or advice you give? Is that it? I don't see how greatttt is that? *rolls eyes* Dragging people into the mess.. If this is your idea of the more the merrier, hey ajasshi, you're too old for this high school thing. Maybe you should spend your time, counting wrinkles on your face while telling yourself to find something better to do during your past time.

I guess some people are Bush-wannabes after all.. Is it not enough that some people had to go through rough times, and by playing games, it's just like rubbing salt on other people's wounds? Rub it in. Do whatever you want to do, but please, do it alone. It isn't fair, when innocent college students who are just here to get their god-damn diploma are being dragged down just to live things up, maybe add in some flavor to what you might refer as entertainment. Maybe some people are just so bored that they need to break people up, maybe a bit manipulation to spice things up and just watch it like some soap opera. Hello? If you want to watch a live drama or play, go to the Actors' studio in Bangsar, or yeah.. there's the Phantom of the Opera in Singapore coming soon, why not do that? Or better join the drama club or something... Another option, go join some politic party, I'm sure there alot more entertainment for you out there. I'm sure they'll find you something.

For great, talented lecturers out there, I'm sorry you guys have to fend off jealousy and green eyed people out there. But I believe when one door closes, open a window or knock down a door! hehe... To excel, one has to go through failures, so that when you learn from it, you won't have to repeat it the next time. So, it's not a bad thing after all. When bad things happen, it teaches you to look at the bright side.
Okay, I'm so preachy right now. I have to stop.


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