Feb 19, 2007

Chinese New Year. Woo Hoo....

I'm back.. With a CNY mode on. NOT. Okay, maybe a little tiny bit. hehe.

So, we had our reunion dinner on the 17th, Saturday. Ooo.. I had my fair share of "Yee Sang.
For those of you who do not know.. Well...Look at the picture below:

Let me see, you have like radish, carrots, pickles, fish fillets (can be salmon fish as well), erm.. basically something sweet, something sour. It's serves as an appetizer. A tradition where everyone mix it up using chopsticks (duh!), to sort of hoping for the good year ahead. Yea, something like that. It's one of my fav dish, because you can only get it during the Chinese New Year.

Another one of my fav dish is steamed chicken. Although it's very common to have chicken everyday, but during the CNY, this one's on my want-to-eat list. Why? Probably because my grandmother would cook it during the CNY, well when she was still alive. But glad to say, my mom, and my aunties still continue doing it. Although not as nice (note: I did not say this), although not as nice, but it reminds me of home, of CNY, and of family.

A not-so-nice picture of steamed-chicken. (What we had was better obviously. hah)

Erm.. another dish is erm... Pickle cucumber with pork(siu yuk). Delicious, I tell you.

I think I love anything sweet and sour. So, yeah. lolz.

Oh, there's the smell of my another fav dish, pickle cabbage and stew pork. Spicy and oh-so sour! All these fav dish, reminds me of my grandmother. Oh, how i miss her.

Weird isn't when you realized how you miss that someone only when that person is not around.

okay, got to go.. Another CNY dinner at the restaurant. haha. it's all about eating! Seafood and more meat! muahaha....

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