Feb 28, 2007

Guns. Real bullets.

Pistol (refer to as L-pistol)



Real guns and live bullets.

On the 3rd day of new year... We went to visit my uncle and his family in Kedah. Well, surprisingly this visit was unexpected. With as above mentioned, with guns and real bullets. It turns out to be that my uncle has actually 21 guns licenses. 21 GUNS LICENSES?!!? Well, after all he is the secretary for a local shooting club, and each gun needs one license, that explains it...

So, he was briefing us on the bullets, the safety, how to handle a gun and stuff.. I actually got to hold a revolver, a pistol and a rifle. Can it get way cooler than that. It was very exciting but at the same time, scary.. The revolver.. also known as the cowboy gun and it is used in russian roulette (where one bullet is put inside and spinned, and then pointed to the head). The pistol was cool as well, where you insert a magazine (bullet case), then you shoot.. Those used in movies are so fake after looking at this. This is the real deal... Now I wonder how those heroin in the movies hold the gun.. It was really heavy...

Then he offered me a shooting session at the club... We're going to use rifle... At first, I was really awkward with the rifle, I wasn't steady, my arms were hurting, as the rifle as to be place on the shoulder as support. You can use the "guni" as a support, but I was too tall. lolz.. You get 5 shots everytime, and after that you have to take out the magazine to reload it. I was kinda a sharp shooter with 2 bulleyes!

And then.. it was the serious fun.. The revolver... It was really scary... Because it's so heavy, i was afraid I might jump when I fire. But well I did jump a little bit but the bullet still hit the board area although it's off course. hahah...

I think I shot about 100 live bullets all together.. It was real fun... I had fun to the max. hah.. To hell with NS and M16.. This is 100x better than that. hahaha..... I've come to learn that shooting is an expensive hobby, but it's very good for releasing tension. ^^;

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