Jun 12, 2007

Kimura Takuya (Kimutaku)

Today I decided to blog about the infamous Takuya Kimura. Born on Nov 13, 1972 (He's 35 this year), a singer(in a a famous boy group- SMAP), and established actor (Long Vacation was one of his hits to stardom, Beautiful Life, Pride, Hero, etc). He's also a husband, and a father of two beautiful daughters.

A Won-Bin lookalike (although, it should be the other way round, acc to his fans, because he's older, lol) He's very talented, he can act, he can sing, he plays the piano, and guitar, and of course he's good looking (although that doesn't count as talent) ;p

Kimutaku is a nickname that he earned, but it seems that he doesn't like it, but people still know him for his nickname.

Why infamous you say? Many of you might not know the scandal, I was surprised myself. After breaking up (well, dump actually) of 9 years relationship, he was involved with a singer, Shizuka Kudou, and in 2000, he announced at the SMAP concert, telling his fans, he is getting married. Yes, she was pregnant before getting married. I guess that time, people are still very conservative, pre-marital sex is a no-no. And him, a rising star at that time, did a boo-boo, and he had to come clean, he admitted his mistake and they got married. In 2001, he was a father of one. Now, currently, he has two daughters.
So yeah, I think it was wise decision, to admit it, instead of denying it. I was on the verge of tears when I saw him struggling to speak out. (T T) He had guts, and I admire him for that.

Youtube link: His wedding announcement

Ah, I wanted to share with you the songs from LongVacation , so here it is: (youtube)

The song he played at the competition (a video of someone playing it, not him, but the song)
Click here.

The song he played for Minami - Close to you (not the Carpenters' song)
Click here.


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